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Livos decking oil

Livos decking oil

When building a patio, a pool deck, a wood fence, or a gazebo, it quickly becomes clear that the cost of material and labour add up fast. To increase the durability and maintain the appearance of your outdoor wood surfaces, LIVOS Canada recommends its ALIS and DONNOS product lines. ALIS and DONNOS oils can be applied on any type of wood and are specially formulated for exterior use. These products are made of linseed oil as well as resins, waxes, and natural pigments. These composing ingredients may not reveal much at first glance, but linseed oil boasts a host of qualities, not least of which is its high-end performance on high-quality wood surfaces.

Impressive quality

Livos wood oils are the result of more than 40 years of development and engineering. The top-tier quality of Livos products has earned the company an undisputed lead spot in the global market. Livos products for exterior use are without a doubt the first choice to consider for the protection and preservation of everything from wood decking to fences, pergolas to gazebos, and more.

Because ALIS and DONNOS wood oils are completely natural, ecological, and deep-penetrating wood oils, they nourish wood at a molecular level. Think of it as nature reinforcing nature!

In addition to their remarkable protective properties, ALIS and DONNOS oils function well as sealants—but they still allow the wood to breathe because they are naturally derived.

The natural pigments in the products mean they can also function as stains. Available in more than 20 colours, ALIS and DONNOS wood oils can elevate the natural beauty and patina of wood, enhance the richness of the wood grain, and augment the noble character that is characteristic of natural wood. Unlike a pricey regular chemical stain and varnish, the “oil effect” ensures lasting beauty and a professional finish.

Once your wood surfaces are treated with wood oil, it will never be necessary to sand to repair or enliven dull or weathered sections. Only a small quantity of oil, applied locally, will do to completely repair or refresh the surface. The colour and finish of the initial coat will be restored to its original lustre.

You can now layer colours for an even more distinctive look

The cost of maintenance over time is lower than with a chemical or water-based stain. You will no longer have to buy costly gallons of stain every two or three years. A simple pint of oil is sufficient for regular maintenance. In addition, the coverage capacity of wood oil is at least 33% superior to traditional stain.

That’s right—the benefits of using 100% natural wood oils are many. The preservation of wood and exceptional finish afforded by Livos wood oils are worth considering to protect and enhance your exterior wood surfaces!

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  2. I have a 400 sq feet deck constructed with cedar planking. It’s about 25 years old and has naturally greyed and still in super shape; doesn’t require any repairs. Provides a wonderful ‘fresh wet cedar smell’ during any rains. I shovel the snow off it every winter. So I have no reason to treat it differently now. HOWEVER, occasionally the thought is there to consider a different look. So the questions: will this wood treatment require occasional reapplication? Will it alter any cedar’s natural ability to endure weather conditions? Is it better to leave the cedar in its natural state? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

  3. Would you apply this oil to pressure treated deck wood. And if so how long after the deck has been installed should it be allowed to weather before being oiled.

    1. I would Walter. PT lumber protects against decay and termite attack, adding a topcoat will extend your deck’s life. I’d apply the oil right away – just be sure the wood has less than 18% moisture content. If it’s been installed over the past month or so and there hasn’t been any rain in your area you should be good to go.

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