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King cyclone dust collectors

King cyclone dust collectors

Sponsored: The one machine you want in the corner of your shop for collecting dust is a cyclone dust collector. You’ll immediately notice superior dust collection and air filtration. The cyclonic action separates heavy debris from the fine particles and directs them into the steel easy-empty drum. Fine dust particles are filtered by the 1-micron canister filter or deposited in the heavy-duty clear plastic bag. A manual crank handle makes it easy to clean the inside of the canister filter, keeping the fine dust inside the system. The added convenience of a radio frequency remote control saves steps and time. You can choose between 1.5 hp/120 volt and 2 or 3 hp/240 volt units with cfm ratings of 1,320, 1,650 or 2,900 to get just the right fit for your shop. Visit for more information.

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