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Festool releases limited editions that take portability and precision to the next level

Festool releases limited editions that take portability and precision to the next level

Ottawa, ON., May 7, 2024—Festool, a leading manufacturer of innovative, precision-engineered, and durable power tool solutions, today unveiled a range of limited-edition cordless combo kits and router solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of professionals while enhancing workshop and jobsite efficiency. Available beginning June 3, 2024, two limited-edition cordless combo kits, the limited-edition OF 1010 R REQ-F-Plus Router with Light Module, the Festool Level, and the limited-edition Summer Systainer are set to optimize performance for professionals no matter the specialty.

“We strive to equip professionals with the most advanced, efficient, and user-friendly tools possible, and this lineup is no exception,” says Philip Strnad, Marketing Director at Festool. “By introducing limited edition Combo Kits, and the visibility-improving OF 1010 R REQ-F-Plus Router with Light Module, we’re meeting user demand for products that make professionals’ work not only easier but more efficient and enjoyable.”

Limited-Edition Cordless Combos: Optimal Performance Meets Cordless Convenience

The limited-edition cordless combo kits seamlessly blend the efficiency of the CTC MIDI Cordless Compact Dust Extractor with Festool’s latest cordless saws for exceptional performance and flexibility. Each kit is designed to kickstart or expand Festool cordless collections by providing convenience, performance, flexibility, and quality.

CTC MIDI + TSC 55 + Energy Set Combo Kit:

  • Efficient Dust Extraction: Equipped with CTC MIDI, this kit ensures a clean workspace and seamless integration with your cordless tools with its Bluetooth® automatic start and remote control.
  • Precision Cutting: The TSC 55 K Cordless Track Saw offers unmatched power and accuracy that guarantees flawless cuts every time, plus a safety enhancing KickBackStop function.
  • Optimized Power Management: Fitted with an Energy Set Systainer exclusive to these combo kits—including four 5.0 Ah batteries and a TCL 6 DUO charger—this kit will streamline workflow with constant charging.

CTC MIDI + KSC 60 + Energy Set Combo Kit:

  • Seamless Operation: The CTC MIDI dust extractor maximizes cleanliness and efficiency with a robust 36-volt turbine and easy tool integration via Bluetooth®.
  • Advanced Saw Performance: The KSC 60 Cordless Sliding Compound Mitre Saw provides precise mitre and bevel cuts. Its dual-battery system ensures uninterrupted operation, and the latest EC-TEC motor ensures optimal performance.
  • Comprehensive Energy Set: Armed with an exclusive Energy Set housing four 5.0 Ah batteries and a TCL 6 DUO charger in a compact Systainer, this kit provides a complete power solution for high-demand tasks.

Limited-Edition OF 1010 REQ-F-Plus + Light Module: Precision and Clarity For Every Job

The OF 1010 REQ-F-Plus router, enhanced with an LED Light Module, offers unmatched precision and ease of use. Whether used with the optional
Edge Guide (578054) or free-hand, its compact design and clear view of the workpiece allow for enhanced visibility and accuracy in all routing tasks.

  • Precision and Versatility: The OF 1010 R router excels in precision with its lightweight, easy-to-maneuver design, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including routing profiles, grooves, and dovetail joints.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The LED light ring provides greater clarity for increased precision. The ring provides a clear view of the workpiece and router bit, eliminating shadows and enhancing visibility.
  • Maximum Control for Perfect Results: The OF 1010 R features a double-sided column clamp for exceptional torsional rigidity and a clear view of the router bit, ensuring absolute precision in every cut.

Festool Level: Perfect Precision in Every Measure

Because nothing less than perfection will suffice, this lightweight spirit level ensures accuracy within +/-1.0 mm. Crafted from durable, naturally anodized aluminum, and detailed with Festool’s trade dress blue and green, it exudes style and guarantees longevity for every project. With both horizontal and vertical levels, and metric and inch measurements, it’s versatile for any task. The prismatic surface design ensures seamless contact with shafts and tubes. Plus, it conveniently nests inside a Systainer3 handle, always within reach (does not fit into the handles of the Systainer3 Tool Boxes and Tool Bags). Available at participating Festool dealers and the Festool Fan Shop.

Limited-Edition Summer Systainer: The Perfect Tribute to Summer

The festive Systainer3 M 187 is loaded with everything you need to raise a toast and a burger to the country you love. The limited-edition bundle includes a Yeti Rambler® Colster® can cooler, Festool logo branding iron, grilling apron, and spice shaker for a patriotic celebration, fitted in a Systainer or available as individual items on the Fan Shop.

Starting June 3, 2024:

The CTC MIDI + TSC 55 + Energy Set Combo Kit (578211) will be available at $1,699.00.

The CTC MIDI + KSC 60 + Energy Set Combo Kit (578212) will be available at $2,199.00.

The OF 1010 REQ-F-Plus + Light Module (578495) will be available at $775.00.

The Edge Guide Accessory (578054) will be available at $90.00.

The Festool Level (577220) will be available at $85.00.

The Summer Systainer (578254) will be available at $249.00.

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