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Festool Launches Cordless Dust Extractors Offering Portable Power

Festool Launches Cordless Dust Extractors Offering Portable Power

Ottawa, ON, September 6, 2022—Festool, a leading manufacturer of innovative, precision-engineered and durable power tool solutions, today announced a new integrated suite of offerings. The CTC SYS Cordless Systainer Extractor, CTC MIDI Cordless Compact Dust Extractor, TCL 6 DUO Rapid Charger and Energy Sets offer professional tradespeople cordless, powerful, portable convenience with zero interruption.

“Portability, power and convenience define our new portfolio of offerings,” said Philip Strnad, marketing director, Festool Canada. “Today’s professionals are always on the go and offering the portability of high-quality, well-designed cordless tools gives tradespeople the convenience they need to get the job done right. We’re pleased to introduce three new offerings that serve to streamline the convenience of any job, with tools designed for the end-user and their projects.

With a Systainer on the outside and a cordless dust extractor on the inside, Festool’s CTC SYS Cordless Systainer Extractor offers maximum performance and independence with minimal weight. For smaller tasks, the CTC SYS enables a virtually dust-free work environment without the need for a power outlet. Work without hassle thanks to a robust design and premium components:

The compact Systainer format is lightweight and includes a built-in shoulder strap, making the CTC SYS extractor the perfect companion for small tasks, with added portability.

Impressive Suction Power:
Comparable to a corded dust extractor, with more portability, the 36v turbine and two 18v battery packs provide massive suction power that is adjustable in three levels. The appropriate power level can be selected for any given application to maximize the battery runtime.

Seamless Integration:
The innovative Bluetooth® auto-start feature enables the extractor to switch on automatically for added convenience. It includes a remote control directly on the smooth suction hose, saving time and making it ideal for smaller cleaning tasks.

CTC MIDI Cordless Compact Dust Extractor: Completely Cordless Cleanliness

For sawing, sanding or drilling, the CTC MIDI Cordless Compact Dust Extractor fits perfectly into the Festool 18v system. Festool’s largest and most powerful dust extractor to date, the CTC MIDI features a 36v turbine, three levels of extraction power and a compact footprint making it easy to transport. The CTC MIDI is equipped with time-saving and performance enhancing features, including:

The large internal hose garage makes the suction hose storage-safe for clean transportation. The flat storage area on top of the hose garage can be used as a shelf for tools or materials, and the integrated T-LOC interface allows the extractor to combine with the Systainer-based system.

Leading Performance:
Complete with the 36v turbine and two 18v battery packs, the CTC MIDI is the ideal partner for sawing, sanding and drilling.

Maximum Efficiency:
Equipped with an exterior-accessible filter drawer, the CTC MIDI enables quick, easy and tool-free filter replacement. The included HEPA filter means ultimate filtration for clean air.

TCL 6 DUO Rapid Charger: Save Time on the Job

With enough power to charge two battery packs at the same time, the TCL 6 DUO Rapid Charger ensures that less time is spent seeking out additional outlets to charge tools. Making work easier on the job site and in the workshop, the rapid charger features:

Suitable for virtually all battery packs from the 10.8v, 14.4v and 18v classes. Compatible with Li-HighPower Compact Battery Packs, Ergo Battery Packs and all AIRSTREAM variants.

Less Downtime:
No more searching around the site for outlets to charge the cordless lineup. The TCL 6 DUO charges two battery packs concurrently to ensure more time on the job and less time waiting for a full charge.

Always Visible:
Separate LED indicators display charging progress and current charge status of each battery pack.

Energy Sets: Energy for Every Requirement

To compliment the new lineup of cordless products, Energy Sets are designed to meet every energy requirement and keep tradespeople charged all day. Conveniently housed in a Systainer and including a TCL 6 DUO rapid charger and either two BP 18 Li 4.0 or two 5.2 ASI battery packs, Energy Sets are an ideal partner for projects on the go.

This October 4, the CTC SYS I HEPA-Basic version (576941) will be available for $510.

In 2023 the CTC SYS I HEPA-Plus version (577390) for $875, CTC MIDI I HEPA-Basic (577069) for $869 and CTC MIDI I HEPA-Plus (577506) for $1,254 will be launched.

Also being released in 2023, the TCL 6 DUO rapid charger (577018) will retail for $165, and the Energy Sets will be available in two formats: SYS 18V 2×5.2/TCL 6 DUO (577079) for $385 and SYS 18V 2×4.0/TCP 6 DUO (577108) for $365.

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