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DX3 DriftMaster Fence by Laguna Tools

DX3 DriftMaster Fence by Laguna Tools

Sponsored: The DX3 DriftMaster Fence marks an advancement in bandsaw precision, revolutionizing woodworking practices. It goes beyond being just a new resawing fence; it’s a pivotal Laguna accessory that empowers woodworkers to unlock and achieve unmatched accuracy and adaptability. At its core, the DX3 embodies innovation and precision. With its precise linear motion guide and revolving handwheel, it allows for swift adjustments, resulting in thin veneers and consistent precise cuts with ease. Furthermore, it houses additional modes—the “drift mode” and “high/low mode.” Drift mode allows for horizontal fence axis adjustments, while the high/low mode offers dynamic control over different workpiece sizes, ensuring stability and safety in every cut. The DX3 DriftMaster Fence raises the bar for the resawing experience, combining tradition with innovation. Visit for more information.

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