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BlackJack dust collection accessories

BlackJack dust collection accessories

Whether the shop is small or large, every one of us needs to consider the risk of airborne dust. Sanding isn’t the only source of nearly invisible dust particles that are easily inhaled. Less obvious processes such as jointing, thickness planning, sawing and turning producing large visible chips also produce nearly invisible particles that are just as hazardous.

Consider this. If the smallest amount of dust gets in our mouth, we spit and sputter until we get it all out. Yet we allow ourselves to breath dust into our lungs where it cannot be easily expelled! Do we hope it will degrade and cough out over time? What chemicals do our lung tissues absorb while when it’s in there? Does it ever all come out? These are very concerning questions!

We all want healthy, full lives with family and friends. The sooner we stop inhaling dust, the sooner we help ensure that’s going to happen. Your family will thank you for it.

Start collecting dust before it gets into your lungs. Workshop Supply’s BlackJack product line of dust collection hose, fittings and accessories will help you solve your dust collection needs. Most Y’s, blast gates and adapters easily connect together without the need for duct tape or hose. We did the homework and provide you with a list of fittings that mate with every fitting we supply, all available on our web site.

Get your shop set up correctly with hose, fittings and accessories at

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