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Yuri Kobayashi’s favourites

Author: Rob Brown
Breathe – I Hear You

In my first “Ask the Artist” column I talked with Yorgo Liapis, who mentioned his favourite internationally made piece was “Being” by Yuri Kobayashi. I contacted Yuri, who was pleased to hear Yorgo loves not only her work, but her work ethic and willingness to help others.

Yuri was also more than happy to answer my questions.

What is the piece you’ve made that you’re most proud of?
“Breathe -I Hear You-”, a rocking chair.

What piece of Canadian-made furniture made by someone else do you like the most?
“A Table Made of Wood” by Gord Peteran.

What internationally made piece of furniture do you like the most?
“Panton Chair” by Verner Panton and “Circle Chair” by Hans J. Wegner.
They are both Danish and, unfortunately, no longer alive.

“Wenge Side Chair” by Thomas Hucker is my favourite internationally made piece of furniture made by someone alive today.

Honourable mention goes to “MT Solid Rocker” by Ron Arad, an Israeli industrial designer, artist and architectural designer.

Breathe – I Hear You
Flowing curves and negative space help make this piece an exceptionally beautiful rocking chair.

Breathe – I Hear You

A Table Made of Wood
A literal take on a wooden table, this piece has hundreds of parts to it. (Photo by Elaine Brodie)

A Table Made of Wood

Panton Chair
Very hard to fabricate initially, this chair almost didn’t come to fruition due to the challenges associated with producing it. (Photo by Vitra International)

Panton Chair

Panton Chair - detail view
Surely the “knee” of the chair required a lot of focus while designing and manufacturing, as this area takes a lot of stress while it’s being used. (Photo by Vitra International)

Panton Chair

Circle Chair
Hans Wegner is one of the most influential furniture designers of all time.

Circle Chair

Circle Chair (side view)
The side view shows how low the chair sits.

Circle Chair

Wenge Side Chair
Another piece with strong negative space, this chair by Thomas Hucker is simple in form, but as any furniture maker can tell, would be difficult to build.

Wenge Side Chair

MT Solid Rocker
Although it’s made from other materials, too, this brass version is sure to turn heads.

MT Solid Rocker
Last modified: May 26, 2022

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Rob is a studio furniture maker and the editor at Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement.

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