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Let’s talk about our pencils


Rob learns which pencil to use for projects around the home.

While my contractor friend and I were working on the basement reno the other day I asked him if I could borrow his pencil. “Sure,” he said, and handed me what looked to be a completely unsharpened pencil. Right away, I wondered why this pencil was so beat up even though it hadn’t been sharpened or used. Was it a new type of artisanal distressed pencil that was pre-patinated? Then I realized it actually had been sharpened, but only to a very blunt tip.

A Wide Array of Pencils
Pictured here is the blue pencil my friend lent me initially. With a tip that looked as sharp as the opposite end, I wasn’t surprised it didn’t mark an accurate line.


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Rob is a studio furniture maker and the editor at Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement.

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