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Shoug Sugi Ban pine wood cladding

Shoug Sugi Ban pine wood cladding

Shoug Sugi Ban (wood charring) is the ancient Japanese practice that preserves wood and makes it resistant to mold, insects and water, to create visually stunning effects for your indoor and outdoor spaces.

The process highlights the natural grain of wood and creates an elevated textural feel that is a feast for your visual and tactile senses.

Shoug Sugi Ban lumber is:

  • Organic and recyclable
  • Water, fire, mold, decay and pest resistant
  • Installs just like conventional siding
  • Requires very little to no maintenance
  • Lasts more than 80 years when properly maintained

Shoug Sugi Ban pine wood cladding is available in double black, natural and white tones, and in 1 x 4 and 1 x 6 widths and 6′ and 8′ lengths.

For more information visit woodshedlumber.com or call 905-957-3933

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