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Shellac based sealer and topcoat now available in Canada

Shellac based sealer and topcoat now available in Canada

Shellac is an easy-to-use, fast-drying, versatile finish that is perfect for many small shop applications. Its been used for centuries to add beauty and protection to quality furniture and wood products.

Seal-Lac and Royal-Lac, manufactured by ShellacFinishes are considered the best shellac finishing products available. These proprietary formula products are easy to apply, ready to use out of the jar and are resistant to heat, water and alcohol once cured.

Woodchuckers, a leading Canadian retailer of woodturning and woodworking tools, machinery and accessories, is now the Canadian source for Seal-Lac and Royal-Lac.

Seal-Lac is a sealer that should be applied before any finish is applied. As a thermoplastic resin, shellac is an excellent sealer and a very good interface with other solvent borne finishes. Its adhesive qualities are legendary. Hence it is always a good idea to use Seal-Lac as a sealer before applying any solvent borne finish especially for open pored woods like walnut, cherry, oak and ash. It’s available in clear 16 and 32 ounce formats.

Order your Seal-Lac now.

Royal-Lac is a shellac-based finish that looks and feel like shellac but has the durability of synthetic finishes like polyurethane, lacquer and urethane. It is available in the four shellac colors of Super Blonde for a clear coat on any wood, Garnet, for that tad bit of brown on woods like Mahogany and Cherry, Orange, for a wholesome look for Walnut and Beige, which is bit lighter than Orange and is excellent on Mahogany and Maple.

Order your Royal-Lac now.


Demi-lune table finished with Royal-Lac

table finished with shellac
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