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Einhell cordless leaf blower

Einhell cordless leaf blower

The GC-CL 18/1 Li E-Solo Cordless Leaf Blower Kit is ideal for blowing leaves, grass clippings and other dirt and debris from courtyards, driveways, footpaths, garages, terraces and outdoor furniture. The handy size and low weight enable very user-friendly operation. The split tube allows for easy cleaning of outdoor furniture in confined spaces while the full-length tube makes quick work of paths and driveways. Thanks to the detachable tube, the storage of the blower is also space-saving. Additionally, the electronic speed control allows the user to vary the air speed to suit the application. Thanks to the soft grip, the cordless leaf blower is both pleasant and secure to hold for particularly user-friendly operation. This product comes with a battery and a charger. $109.00

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einhell leaf blower

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