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Core Bowls for Woodturning Quickly and Easily

Core Bowls for Woodturning Quickly and Easily

The Bowlsaver MAX3 does what it says. Saves bowls, easy!  Large or small, it saves bowls, money and your time. Coring a 12″ by 4″ bowl in less than 5 minutes.  It is safe to use with the peace of mind knowing that the Bowlsaver range is the only coring system that has been designed to safely couple to both the tail-stock and tool rest providing stability and minimizing vibration.

The MAX3 has been designed for larger projects. Three high strength, cast, zinc coated blades are included, small, medium and large. The third extra large blade has an incredible  cut size of up to 17″ or 450mm!  It’s recommended that you use green wood with the MAX3 extra large blade and take your time along with extra care. A minimum lathe power of 1 HP is recommended.



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