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Are you a woodworking instructor in Canada at a high school, community college or other institution?

You and your students may be eligible to receive free copies of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement magazine as well as digital access to our digital library.


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Feb Mar 2022

Canadian Woodworking Education Program FAQ

What’s included in Education Program?

A digital and print subscription for a woodworking instructor plus delivery of printed copies of the magazine for students enrolled in woodworking courses.

Who’s eligible for a free education subscription to Canadian Woodworking magazine?

Instructors of woodworking courses at recognized schools in Canada.

How will the magazine copies be delivered?

We will mail a bundle of copies using Canada Post.

How many free copies can I receive?

We will send one bundle for each issue, with copies for all your students and for you.

Can I change the number of copies that I receive?
Yes, once you are registered we will provide contact information to notify us of any changes.

Who is sponsoring the education copies?

We have an arrangement with the Wood Manufacturing Council (WMC).

Can I get copies outside Canada?

Sorry, we need to limit registration to Canadian addresses.

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Sponsor of education copies for instructors and students.
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