Window film – increase indoor comfort and lower your energy costs.

window film

Applying heat control film on southerly facing windows is an inexpensive and easy way to keep rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Window film of one kind or another has been available for quite some time. There are films for privacy, window decoration, security, glare control, heat control, or a combination of these features. Some of these first window films meant to control heat had unwanted side effects – the more effective films tended to darken windows, obscuring the view from inside the home, while some films were highly reflective. Fortunately, many of the modern window films do a much better job of reflecting heat before it can radiate into the home, while allowing a lot more light to pass through the film and significantly, if not entirely, reducing glare. An additional benefit of these films is that they reduce fading on interior furnishings, flooring and paintwork caused by visible light, as well as UV (ultraviolet) and IR (infrared) radiation.

window film
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