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Behind the Bench webinars

Canadian woodworking webinars

Behind the Bench webinars are hosted by studio furniture maker and Canadian Woodworking magazine editor Rob Brown. Join us for entertaining, informative and educational skill enhancing webinars.

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The webinars begin at 7:00 pm EST and last for about 1 hour. At the end of each webinar is a question and answer session.

Next Webinar

June 18: Router Tables

Pros and cons, make vs purchase, the importance of a fence, using a mitre gauge on a router table, dust collection.

Upcoming Webinars

July 3: Other Router Accessories
Edge guide, circle cutting, 90-degree fence, slab-levelling, flush trimming solid edging, mortising (fancy and basic).

Past Webinars

Webinar 1: Solvent based and water based polyurethane


Finishing Touch: Film finishes
Finishing Touch: Waterborne finishes

Webinar 2: Shellac and Hardwax Oil



Finishing Touch: Shellac – a no-fuss finish
Shellac mixing chart
Shellac: The best finish ever?
French polishing
How to apply a beautiful shellac finish (video)

Hardwax oil

Finishing Touch: Hardwax oil

General finishing

Finishing Touch: Introduction to wood finishing
Why apply a finish (video)
General Finishing Tips (video)
Brushes for applying a finish

Finishing products (Shellac flakes) (Seal Lac and Royal Lac pre-mixed shellac) (HWO) source:
Rubio Monocoat (HWO) source:

Webinar 3: Introduction to routers and router bits

Webinar 4: Tips and techniques for using a router


General articles

Routing Basics – Part 1
Routing Basics – Part 2: The Router 
Top 10 tips for using a router – Part 1
Top 10 ways to amp up your router game – Part 2
Mid-sized routers  
Know your tools: Fixed base routers
Know your tools: Trim routers

Router bits

Routing Basics – Part 3: Straight Bits 
Routing Basics – Part 4: Edge Profiling Bits 
Routing Basics – Part 5: Joinery Bits 
Routing Basics – Part 6: Specialty Bits

Router jigs

3 simple (yet essential) shop-made router jigs 
Template Routing
Dustless routing is at hand! 
Routing Bits, Jigs and Accessories 


Router Bits – Profile/Edge Treatment
Router Bits – Specialty
Router Bits – Straight


Types of routers
Six essential router tips
Two shop made router jigs
Introduction to router bits
Router bit types – specialty bits
Router bit types – standard bits
Router table split fence

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