Power Tools

>5 Impact kits for under $200

5 Impact kits for under $200

With so many impact drivers on the market, where’s a... Read more
>7 Considerations When Buying a Reciprocating Saw

7 Considerations When Buying a Reciprocating Saw

Don’t hesitate, reciprocate! Take this crash course on reciprocating saws... Read more
>Hand Powered Sanding

Hand Powered Sanding

Sanding with a power tool is the first and most... Read more
>Pneumatic Pinners, Nailers and Staplers

Pneumatic Pinners, Nailers and Staplers

While a pneumatic fastening tool isn’t a replacement for your... Read more
>Air out your shop

Air out your shop

An air compressor is a convenient and versatile machine to... Read more
>CWI Woodworking Technologies

CWI Woodworking Technologies

CWI Woodworking Technologies is new to Canada, but its man­agement... Read more
>Comparing choices for a track saw

Comparing choices for a track saw

Matt Dunkin compares three models of track saws and outlines... Read more
>Compact 12V Drill Drivers

Compact 12V Drill Drivers

With leading edge battery technology, the new generation of 12V... Read more
>Biscuit Joiners

Biscuit Joiners

When it comes to assembling sheet goods, nothing is quite... Read more
>Pneumatic Sanders

Pneumatic Sanders

Pneumatic sanders have been used in industry and commercial shops... Read more
>Pneumatic nailers

Pneumatic nailers

Driving nails with a hammer has its time and place.... Read more
>Cordless Screwdrivers

Cordless Screwdrivers

For a lot of shop projects and home maintenance tasks,... Read more
>1/4 Sheet Finishing Sanders

1/4 Sheet Finishing Sanders

There are two aspects of woodworking that most people just... Read more
>8″ Bench Grinders

8″ Bench Grinders

When it comes to putting a new bevel on a... Read more
>14.4 Volt Drill/Drivers

14.4 Volt Drill/Drivers

One of the most useful tools you can own is... Read more
>Belt sanders: tips for selecting

Belt sanders: tips for selecting

If your main need for a hand plane is to... Read more
>Jig Saws

Jig Saws

Nothing beats a jigsaw for on-site portable curve... Read more
>Corded Circular Saws

Corded Circular Saws

You can't beat the convenience of a circular saw for... Read more
>Shop Vacuums

Shop Vacuums

Whether you use an official dust collection system in your... Read more
>Random Orbit Sanders

Random Orbit Sanders

If you've never tried a random orbit sander (ROS) before,... Read more
>Mid-sized routers

Mid-sized routers

Everything you need to know about... Read more
>Portable compressor

Portable compressor

The air compressor is a valuable addition to any woodworking... Read more
>Powered hand sanders

Powered hand sanders

Over the years power hand sander designs have been refined... Read more
>The router – pro tips

The router – pro tips

The router is an incredible machine that opens up new... Read more
>Power carving with the Arbortech

Power carving with the Arbortech

The Arbortech Pro Kit consists of a blade and fittings... Read more