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There are lots of choices to be made when setting up a first workshop or upgrading an existing shop. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned woodworker, these hand and power tools, machines, and workshop accessories will help you work smarter, safer and more efficiently. This is our 13th annual roundup of Small Shop Essentials.

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Horizontal Cam-Action Clamps for MFT-Style Worktables

Secure your workpieces for precision routing, sanding, drill­ing and cutting on 20 mm tables with the new BESSEY Horizontal table Clamp Fixture (WNS20-MFT-SET). The patented pull-down mecha­nism ensures the workpiece does not lift from the surface during clamping and lies flat on the surface. Round and flat workpieces are easy to position and hold thanks to cam-action side lever and rubber pads that enable easy locking and quick release for a secure grip. The set includes two horizontal pull-down clamps, two bench dogs and four knurled nuts.

Bessey clamps

Vertical Ratcheting Clamps for MFT-Style Worktables

Based on the popular KliKlamp style, the new Bessey Table Clamp with Ratcheting Lever (KLI20-MFT-SET) combines quality and functionality for fast, easy and safe clamp­ing on 20 mm tables. The set features a multi-stage ratchet mechanism with quick-release button that allows up to 170 pounds of clamping force to be achieved very quickly with little effort. A lightweight magnesium sliding arm allows for rapid, vibration-free clamping. Each clamp has a 6″ clamping capacity and 3″ throat depth.

Bessey Table Clamp

Fuji Spray Q5 PLATINUM HVLP System

The Q5 Platinum turbine with its powerful five-stage motor develops approximately 9.5 psi, making it ideal for all kinds of tasks including heavy-duty projects. It’s super quiet – only 63 decibels. The extra power allows for less thinning of viscous paints and achieves finer atomization, producing a flawless finish in less time. It features a Heat Dissipation Chamber that expels excess heat from the turbine, resulting in much cooler operating temperatures, while a variable-speed dial allows the user to adjust motor speed, providing the ultimate in versatility.

Fuji Spray Q5

Great Value in a Compressor That’s Built to Last

Around the home and in the workshop there’s nothing like a compressor to give you that helping hand. They’re great for working on furniture or cabinetry, and they’re just about indispensable when doing any kind of renovation work. The King Canada 8 Gallon Horizontal Air Compressor (8478) features a powerful 2HP motor that delivers 4 CFM of air at 90 PSI and 5 CFM at 40 PSI. At 75 dB it’s reasonably quiet and the 6″ flat-free solid wheels and large handle make it easy to move around the shop or homestead.

King Canada 8 Gallon Horizontal Air Compressor

Get a Better Finish with a Helical Cutter Head Jointer

If you work in a small shop where space is at a premium, you might want to consider purchasing a bench­top jointer rather than a stationary jointer. A benchtop jointer will deliver the same performance and precision as a stationary jointer. The King Canada 8″ Benchtop Jointer with Helical Cutterhead (KC-8HJC) features a cutter head with replace­able two-sided high-speed steel inserts. Simply loosen the holding screws and rotate the inserts to expose fresh cutting edges. The inserts are staggered so they provide a continuous cutting surface across the width of the cutter head delivering a better finish with less grain tear-out and fuzzing.

King Canada 8" Benchtop Jointer

Versatile and Powerful Belt and Disc Sanding

The King Canada 6″ by 48″ Belt and 9″ Disc Sander (KC-760L) is an ideal combination machine that can handle a wide range of sanding, surfac­ing, grinding, cleaning and deburring jobs on wood, metal and plastics. The belt and disc are quick and easy to change for efficient sanding on any project. The powerful 1 HP direct-drive motor delivers a disc speed of 1,740 RPM and a belt speed of 1,250 SFPM, while a solid cast-iron body and steel base add stability and minimize vibration. The solid cast-iron belt and disc tables have integrated T-slots and tilt from 0° to 45°.

King Canada Belt Disc Sander

Compact and Affordable Bandsaw

Bandsaws are versatile shop machines that don’t take up much floor space and are both easy and reasonably safe to use. They lack the cross-cutting accuracy of a table saw but are superb for ripping rough and dimensional lumber to size, re-saw­ing lumber into shop-made veneer, cutting curves, circles, and irregular shapes, and cutting a variety of joinery, including tenons, lap joints and tail boards for dovetails. The King Canada 12’’ Bandsaw (KC-1202FX) features a powerful 3/4 HP motor with a 6-3/4″ re-saw capacity, an adjustable upper/lower ball bearing blade guide system, and a rack and pin­ion height adjustment system.

King Canada 12'’ Bandsaw

This Cabinet Saw Delivers Power, Stability and Accuracy

The King Canada Left-Tilting 10″ Table Saw (KC-10KX/U30) gives you the power and accuracy you need to process sheet goods and solid lumber efficiently and safely. You get a large 40″ × 27″ cast-iron tabletop with a 30″ rip capacity. The powerful 2.5 HP, 230V motor can easily rip through stock up to 3-1/8″ thick at 90° and 2-3/16″ at 45°. The KC-10KX/U30 provides durable quality in a competitively priced full-featured table saw. Large 8″ diameter chromed handwheels with centre locking knobs make height and bevel adjustments easy, while an integrated riving knife ensures maximum operator safety.

King Canada Left-Tilting 10" Table Saw

Drill Precisely Positioned Straight or Angled Holes

The King Canada 15″ Variable Speed Drill Press (KC-15HS-VS) provides you with the power, capac­ity and convenience needed to drill precisely positioned straight or angled holes quickly and easily. Avid wood­workers will appreciate the robust 3/4″ motor that delivers two speed ranges – 280 to 1,100 RPM for metal and 900 to 3,300 RPM for wood. The precise digital readout displays spindle speeds for different drilling appli­cations. You get 4″ of quill travel for drilling consistently deep holes and a time-saving quick-acting depth stop and quill lock.

King Canada 15" Variable Speed Drill Press

More work, less pain

Kneel-It is a cleverly engineered support device designed to relieve strain and decrease injuries that come with prolonged kneeling. It helps reduce knee and back pain while increasing pro­ductivity at work or with projects around the house. Kneel-It rolls on hard indoor and outdoor work surfaces, and soft terrains. Built with special grip technology to help keep it stationary when idle, it has a padded ergo­nomic spring-loaded seat to provide intervals of rest and durable padded knee rests to ensure comfort while completing taxing jobs on-site or work­ing from home.

Oryx Kneel-It

Roarockit Manual Vacuum Press

The Thin Air Press Kit is a simple, efficient and inexpensive vacuum system for veneering and bent lamination projects that was originally introduced for making maple skateboard decks. The TAP kit is also useful for furniture making, cutting boards and utensils, flat panels, curved drawer fronts, guitars, pens and other turned objects, marquetry, handles for throwing axes, and more! Kits include a heavy-duty 20 mil vinyl vacuum bag with one-way valve and seal, a low-volume high-pressure hand pump, breather net, extra seals and instructions. TAP bags can be used for hundreds of pressings and are available in six sizes.

Thin Air Press Kit

The Ultimate Sharpening System

The new M.POWER SB2 Four Stage Sharpening System offers instant access to two dia­mond grades on a seriously stable solid aluminum platform. It is the answer for those wood­workers who don’t require the comprehensive range of abra­sives that the award-winning six stage Side-by-Side Sharpening Station has to offer. The SB2 comes with both hard and soft different leather strops, two strop polishing waxes, the obligatory bottle of lapping fluid, a diamond stone cleaning block, and large lint-free cleaning towel, all served up in a tough storage case. For a limited time the SB2 is on sale for $195 (SRP is $239).


The Best Way to Control Dust While Sanding

If you want a cleaner, healthier work­shop, you need to collect fine sanding dust at the source with a Sand Pro Downdraft Sanding Table. User-friendly Sand Pro sanding tables feature powerful downdraft and come in a variety of sizes. Adjustable height, built-in storage, and hangers for your orbital sanders are just a few of the features available. For objects too large for sanding tables, there’s the Sand Pro Sanding Booth SBP108, a complete self-contained 9,300 CFM backdraft unit. Work faster and see better with Sand Pro Inspection Lights that allow you to easily see scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections before the material is finished.

Sand Pro Downdraft Sanding Table

Ultimax Ligno – The Ultimate Abrasive for Wood Sanding

The new Mirka Ultimax Ligno abrasive is tailored for hard and soft wood sand­ing applications. It combines a fast cut with long life, thanks to especially good resistance to clogging when sanding substrates. The grit is bonded to the back­ing with VOC-free resin for superior adhesion, ensuring a safer and healthier choice for both users and the environment. A special latex-impregnated paper prevents edgewear and tearing when sanding edges of wood surfaces. The recognizable hourglass grain pattern of the Mirka Ultimax Ligno ensures optimal cut­ting performance with consistent results. The segmented surface increases sanding pressure on each abrasive grain and directs dust through the channels in between the abrasive particles. This creates less resistance to clogging and prevents swirl marks on the working surface. In addition, each segment has four sharp corners and two angled surfaces, constantly creating additional cutting edges during sanding. This gives the Ultimax Ligno a consistent fast cut and great sanding results, a longer life for each abrasive, and reduced waste. Available in both PSA and H&L 5″ and 6″ discs, 3″ × 4″ and 3″ × 5″ H&L sheets, 4-1/2″ × 164ft roll and 4-1/2″ × 5″ perforated rolls of 130 pieces. 11 grit sizes from 40 to 400 grit.

Mirka Ultimax Ligno

TS 60 KEB: The Champion. The new Benchmark in Track Saws

Festool has been setting the standard for track saws for decades. The Festool TS 60 KEB Plunge Cut Track Saw (#576726) is redefining this again. The unique Kickback Stop protects your workpiece and helps to minimize the risk of injury. Equipped with the latest-gener­ation brushless EC-TEC motor, the saw delivers a cutting depth up to 2-7/16″ (62 mm). The most versatile saw of its kind guarantees perfect work results whether ripping, cross-cutting or making bevelled and angle cuts in thick materials. Combine it with the FSK cross-cutting guide rail to get a portable and easy-to-use compound mitre saw system for accurate angle cutting.

Festool TS 60 KEB Plunge Cut Track Saw

TSV 60 KEB: The Perfectionist. Splinter-Free Cuts Like Never Before

Perfect from the very first cut. The Festool TSV 60 KEB Plunge-Cut Saw (#576735) with scoring blade delivers per­fect splinter-free cuts on both sides of your stock. The built-in KickbackStop stops the blade in the blink of an eye, not only protecting your workpiece but also helping to minimize the risk of injury to your hands. In the shop or on the jobsite your work can always be precise and customized to your standards. With the TSV 60 K, work­shop-quality results can be replicated on the jobsite – as good as with a stationary machine.

Festool TSV 60 KEB Plunge-Cut Saw

CXS 12: The Go-To Choice for Common Everyday Drilling and Driving Tasks

Light, compact and impressively powerful, the Festool CXS 12 Cordless Drill (#576869) delivers more torque than the previous genera­tion. It will quickly become your go-to everyday driver for common tasks providing plenty of power in the most compact format. The ergo­nomic C-shape design facilitates precise working through the grip position in both the drilling and driving axis. Several avail­able chuck attachments easily tackle the most difficult applications, even in narrow spaces or corners, while the FastFix interface and the CENTROTEC system ensure fast bit changes.


Festool CXS 12 Cordless Drill

CXS 18 & TXS 18: The New Champions of 18 V Compact Drills

Light, compact and impressively powerful, the Festool CXS 18 (#576889) and TXS 18 (#576903) Cordless Drills deliver more torque and power with their 18-volt platform. They are both small and powerful for most everyday applications – perfect also for narrow spaces or corners. The tool-free FastFix interface and the CENTROTEC system make bit and driver changes super-fast. Practical and useful details like the mag­netic onboard bit holder, the adjustable LED light and the lid compartment Systainer³ make the CXS 18 and TXS 18 compact powerhouses you’ll reach for time and time again.

Festool Cordless Drills

KAPEX KSC 60: Precise Cuts and Power for the Entire Day

The Festool KAPEX KSC 60 Cordless Sliding Compound Mitre Saw (#577176) produces unbeatably precise crosscuts with mitre angles of up to 60° on each side and bevel angles of up to 46° right and 47° left. The twin-column guide ensures that the saw blade is guided smoothly and with precision, whichever setting is chosen, delivering perfect cuts without wobble or deflection. The brushless EC-TEC motor provides virtually unlimited endur­ance and is enough for all typical applications for an entire day’s work. Clever details such as the variable speed, saw blades for every application, bevel, ergonomic underframe and dust bag create the ultimate experience in precision, durability and performance.

Festool KAPEX KSC 60 Cordless Sliding Compound Mitre Saw

CSC SYS 50: The Ultimate in Portable Precision

The Festool CSC SYS 50 Cordless Table Saw (#577378) is so compact that it fits into a Systainer. It’s just as versatile in use, as it’s tre­mendously convenient in size. Make rip cuts of up to 11″ (280 mm), cross­cut widths of up to 17-3/4″ (450 mm) and bevel cuts of -2° to 47°. The unique digital operation produces results with maximum precision, with accuracy within a tenth of a millime­tre (1/256″). The 2×18 V dual battery system and brushless EC-TEC motor delivers the power and torque you expect from a corded table saw. The UG-CSC-SYS underframe collapses for easy transport from the vehicle to the jobsite.

Festool 576820

Durable and Versatile Paste Wax Finish

Walrus Oil Furniture Butter is an oil- and wax-based finish that pen­etrates wood surfaces, extracting wood’s natural colours and tones, and permanently locking them in with a natural seal. It’s made with rosin and hard wax, which provide sheen and additional water protection after fully curing. Easy to use, Furniture Butter can be used as a standalone product or applied after Walrus Oil Furniture Finish and before Walrus Oil Furniture Wax. It’s made with tung oil, polymerized linseed oil, saf­flower oil, carnauba wax and pine rosin.

Walrus Oil Furniture Butter

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The Ultimate Precision Joinery Machine

The PantoRouter woodwork­ing machine makes joinery fast, accurate, safe, repeatable and fun! Mortise and tenon has never been easier with over 150 perfectly fitting sizes using their patented tapered templates. You can set up and cut angled or compound-angled joints in minutes, virtually dust-free due to the incredibly effective dust collec­tion hood. Go from setup to glue-up in under five minutes in most cases. Box joints and dovetails can be vari­ably spaced, and custom templates can be shop-made to produce the perfect size and shape for your proj­ect. Hobbyists and custom furniture makers use the large table and numerous clamping positions as a convenient platform for custom jigs and fixtures so the tool never limits their design. Customers rave about PantoRouter’s thoughtful design, engi­neering and high-quality con­struction. Visit their website to see videos of the PantoRouter in action and learn more about how others are using this unique tool. 877-333-7150


Retractable Mount-Anywhere Cordless Water Hose Reel

The Einhell 18V cordless water hose reel (#4173779) delivers out­standing durability, quality and ease of use. The UV-resistant 100-foot garden hose rewinds at the touch of a but­ton and stops automatically. An internal hose-guiding mechanism ensures even retraction. You can mount the unit on a wall or use it with a mobile/transport trolley (sold separately). The unit can be swivelled by up to 180°, eliminating kinks in the hose. Comes with 100′ hose, 5′ connection hose, AquaStop water-stop adapter, garden sprayer (point and cone jet) and three connectors (1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″). Battery and charger sold separately.

Einhell 18V cordless water hose reel

Tiny But Mighty Pruning Chainsaw

At just under 2-1/2 pounds the Einhell 18V cordless prun­ing chainsaw (#4600035) delivers a fast 4.88 m/s (189 i/ps) chain speed. It’s the ideal tool for pruning, trimming and shaping trees and shrubs, or cutting squared timber. The brushless motor helps extend battery life and reduces tool vibration. Equipped with 6″ bar, it will cut approximately 254 pieces of 2″ round softwood per 4.0 Ah battery charge. It features a fool-free chain and bar changing, and has a slim and light­weight design for ergonomic work. Battery and charger sold separately.

Einhell 18V cordless prun­ing chainsaw

The Quick and Easy Way to Clean Shop and Home

With the Einhell 18V cordless stick vacuum (#2347184) you can make quick work of sucking up dust and dirt. You get 21 CFM of maximum suction power and a 0.6L (0.16 gallon) dust container. A three-fold filter sys­tem results in high suction power and clean exhaust air, while four spotlight LEDs illuminate dark hard-to-reach areas. Easy bag-free emptying protects the environment and saves you money. Choose between an ECO mode to conserve battery power or BOOST mode for power­ful, intensive bursts of spot cleaning. Includes wall holder to store both stick vacuum and accessories. Battery and charger sold separately.

Einhell 18V cordless stick vacuum

Apply Finishes Like a Pro

The easiest way to apply finishes to cabi­nets, furniture, walls and ceilings is with the Einhell 18V cordless HVLP paint sprayer (#4260027). It’s ideal for spraying lacquers, glazes, water-borne polyurethane and acrylic finishes. It has a maximum viscosity of 60 DIN-sec, delivers a flow rate of 650 ml per minute, and has an 800 ml tank capacity. The adjustable air cap allows you to spray vertical, horizontal and round patterns. The spray head is eas­ily removable for cleaning. Includes all the accessories you need to get started. Battery and charger sold separately.

Einhell 18V cordless HVLP paint sprayer

The Lawn Tamer

Whip your lawn into shape with the Einhell 21″ self-propelled cordless lawn mower (#3413322). A 36V brushless motor delivers more power and longer runtimes. You can expect to mow up to 12,915 sq. ft. on a full battery charge. Choose from nine cutting height levels (1″ to 3-1/8″). This mower features rear wheel drive with variable speed adjust­ment, a mulching function with mulching adapter, a 65L (17.2 gallon) grass collection bag with fill level indicator, an LED light on the engine head to illuminate the mowing area and an ECO mode for longer runtime. Comes with four 5.2 Ah batteries and two 3A twin-chargers.

Einhell 21" self-propelled cordless lawn mower

The Perfect Tool for Tires, Air Mattresses and Small Inflatables

Nothing beats the Einhell 18V cordless high pressure inflator (#2071020) for high-pressure inflation up to 160 PSI. A digi­tal pressure indicator provides quick and easy pressure readings, visible in either bar, PSI or kPa modes. The inflator automatically shuts off when the desired pressure is reached. You can also choose manual inflating without pre-set pressure levels. At just over 1-3/4 pounds you won’t tire easily using this inflator. Includes a 23″ pressure hose and three-piece inflatable adapter set. Battery and charger sold separately.

Einhell 18V cordless high pressure inflator

Magnum Industrial 13” Helical Head Planer

With a precise helical cutter head equipped with 26 long-lasting car­bide blades, the versatile Magnum MI-31160 planer excels in short-run applications with either hard or softwood. Its redesigned infeed and outfeed tables fold up for easy storage while four support posts minimize snipe. The MI-31160 has a feed speed of 26’ per minute and a cutter head speed of 10,000 RPM. You can plane stock as thin as 1/8” and as short as 7”. The MI-31160 is the ideal planer for small shops and jobsite applications where a high-quality finish is critical.

Magnum MI-31160 planer

Magnum Industrial 6” Straight Blade Benchtop Jointer

The compact Magnum MI-81100 jointer is ideal for small shops with occasional joint­ing projects. Just plug it into a standard 110 V outlet and start jointing. The MI-81100 features a powerful 1 HP motor that delivers a cutter head speed of 12,000 RPM with a maxi­mum 1/8” cutting depth. It includes a large 4-1/4” by 19-5/8” tilting fence and a 2-1/2” dust port that helps control loose chips and dust at the source. At only 52 pounds, the MI-81100 is easy to move around the shop. Includes two 6” HSS knives.

Magnum MI-81100 jointer

Magnum Industrial 14” Benchtop Drill Press

The Magnum MI-76100 is a rugged, powerful and accurate drill press with a fully enclosed 1/2 HP motor that can handle a variety of wood and metal drilling applications. It features a 5/8” precision chuck, 3-1/8” of spindle travel, laser guide, chuck guard, durable metal hood and built-in work light with a separate on/off switch. Additionally, it has pre­cision bearings and extra-long handles that allow for better feed control. There are 12 drilling speeds, from 280 to 3,000 RPM. Magnum Industrial drill presses are constructed to deliver long life and accurate, vibration-free drilling.

Magnum MI-76100

Magnum Industrial 14” Wood Bandsaw

The Magnum MI-91340 bandsaw is a real work­horse with a powerful 1.5 HP motor that can be wired to 220 volts for extra power if re-sawing large boards. You can select between two motor speeds (1,630 and 2,730 RPM) for resawing or non-ferrous metal cutting. Dynamically balanced wheels ensure vibration-free cutting and a standard easy-to-adjust guide system makes blade changeover quick and easy. The MI-91340 delivers a maximum cutting width of 13-5/8” and height of 6”. The 16” × 16” cast-iron table tilts 0° to 15° to the left and 45° to the right.

Magnum MI-91340 bandsaw

Magnum Industrial 1 HP Bag Dust Collector

A mobile dust collector with an easy-to-clean 2 micron filter bag, the Magnum MI-11100 can be posi­tioned close to machinery to collect dust at its source. It has a fully enclosed continuous-duty 1 HP motor that draws only 7 amps of power. The filter bag is washable for easy maintenance. A clear plastic bottom bag makes keeping tabs on dust levels simple while quick-release metal straps allow for quick bag changes. Built-in swivel-style casters make it easy to move the collector around the shop. It’s the perfect dust collector for professionals and serious hobbyists working in smaller shops.

Magnum MI-11100

Magnum Industrial 2” × 42” Belt and 8” Disc Sander

Built with sealed ball bearings and no bushings, the Magnum MI-16210 dual sander features a 1/2 HP double-insulated direct-drive motor that creates less vibration and accom­modates continuous-use applications. It’s compatible with 1” and 2” × 42” belts and 8” discs. An improved belt tracking mechanism provides con­trolled, accurate sanding while a quick-release belt tensioner makes changing belts easy. Both tables tilt and lock between 0° and 45° for accurate sanding on an angle. Whether you need to finish a wood project with some detailed sanding or sharpen tools or knives around the shop, the MI-16210 is up to the task.

Magnum MI-16210

Solvent-Free Monocoat Wood Oil for Food Surfaces

BIO-SUPRA by LIGNA is a solvent-free mono­coat oil finish that colours, protects, seals and enhances the wood grain, leaving no surface film. BIO-SUPRA is user-friendly and has no over­lap effects. It’s the right choice for finishing your wood food surfaces. However, it can be used on all interior wood surfaces such as wood­work, butcher’s block, cutting boards, furniture and floors. According to the company’s research, BIO-SUPRA is the only topcoat oil certified by Health Canada’s Bureau of Chemical Safety for food surfaces. This product is frequently used in restaurants and grocery stores that require a certified solvent-free surface with zero VOC emissions.


Monocoat Wood Oil for Low-Traffic Surfaces

PRONTO by LIGNA is a monocoat oil fin­ish that colours, protects, seals and enhances wood grain, leaving no surface film. Its penetrat­ing power nourishes the wood while facilitating maintenance. PRONTO is user-friendly, has no overlap effects and provides a durable fin­ish that’s easy to refresh. It can be used on all interior wood surfaces subject to low-traffic levels, such as unfinished or stripped furniture, walls, ceilings, mouldings, doors and windows. Woodworkers appreciate PRONTO for its excellent value and outstanding versatility. PRONTO is LIGNA’s best-selling flagship product. It’s now 100% made and packaged in Canada.


Water-Repellent Wood Oil for Exterior Surfaces

EXTERIA by LIGNA is a water-repellent oil finish that colours, protects, seals and enhances wood grain, leaving no surface film. It’s easy to use and has no overlap effects. EXTERIA is the right choice for finishing your brand-new ter­race. It can be used on all exterior wood surfaces such as unfinished or stripped furniture, walls, decks, docks, beams, and woodwork. After apply­ing EXTERIA, the surface will be well protected against wear, stains, moisture, fungi and UV rays for many years. This product doesn’t peel or flake, and there’s no need to sand to refresh the finish.


Monocoat Wood Oil for High Traffic Surfaces

EASY-SOLO by LIGNA is a monocoat oil fin­ish that colours, protects, seals and enhances wood grain, leaving no surface film. EASY-SOLO is user-friendly, has no overlap effects and pro­vides excellent abrasion resistance. It can be used on all interior wood surfaces subject to high traffic levels, such as unfinished or stripped floors, tables and worktops. After applying EASY-SOLO, the surface will be well protected against wear, stains and humidity for many years in only one coat. This product is appreciated by professionals for its high resin content and ability to finish a job quickly.


Water-Repellent Hybrid Wood Oil for Exterior Surfaces

HYBRI-DECK by LIGNA is a hybrid water-repellent oil finish that colours, pro­tects and seals, leaving no surface film. HYBRI-DECK is a technical innovation that combines vegetable oil and water, with low VOC emissions. It can be used on all exterior wood surfaces such as unfin­ished or stripped furniture, walls, decks and beams. After applying HYBRI-DECK, the surface will be well protected against wear, stains, moisture, fungi and UV rays for many years. This product doesn’t peel or flake, there’s no need to sand to refresh the finish, and projects can be done in less than 12 hours.


Monocoat Oil with Catalyst for Wood & Epoxy Surfaces

DUO by LIGNA is a catalyzed monocoat oil finish system that protects, seals and enhances wood grain leaving no surface film. DUO has no over­lap effects and provides outstanding tolerance against wear, abrasion and humidity, and chemi­cal and mechanical attacks. It can be used on all interior wood and epoxy surfaces but particularly tables, countertops, kitchen islands and work­tops. This product is recommended for finishing “epoxy river” or “live edge” style furniture. The use of Catalyst substantially improves perfor­mance, drying speed and reduces curing time by one-third. DUO is the appropriate alternative to epoxy finishes where consumers require a lower gloss finish.


Last modified: June 4, 2024

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