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Leigh DR4 and D1600 dovetail jigs are unanimously considered the best on the market.

Do a bit of research over the Internet, or read reviews of dovetail jigs in any woodworking magazine, and you’ll find that the Leigh DR4 and D1600 dovetail jigs are unanimously considered the best on the market.

The jigs are exceptionally well made, versatile, and easy to use – providing you first read the instruction manual. But with average prices of $519 and $369 respectively, they’re pricey investment for the novice or part-time woodworker. That is until now. Leigh Industries has just introduced a new line of ‘super jigs’.

The Super Jigs will feature the same high level of quality that you find on the DR4 and D1600, but at substantially reduced prices, and with a few new enhancements. The Super Jigs will come in three lengths, 12″, 18″ and 24″, with street prices expected to be in the $199, $259 and $329 range. They will handle boards from ⅛” to 1″ thick, a maximum through dovetail board thickness of 13/16″ and a maximum half blind board thickness of 1″. Leigh has made some minor design changes to enable these lower prices, without reducing product quality. The new body employs a 2-piece aluminum extrusion, the same as on the original D4, rather than the single extrusion found on the DR4 and D1600; the clamping surface is no longer machine textured, but uses non-slip tape; and the side stops are not machined in, but bolted on (with the added benefit of now being adjustable). As a bonus, with these new jigs you’ll be able to easily make micro adjustable 5/16″ and ⅝” box joints without using additional templates.

The jigs come with a unique oval guide bushing – the ‘E Bush’ – that enables you to make fine fit adjustments (.001”) on box joints (this replaces Leigh’s Variable Template Guide Bush System); a reversible spacer for establishing the offset on half-blind and through box joints; and on-board instructions. There is also a new vacuum and router support accessory, the Leigh VRS, picks up 99% of the router chips, and provides exceptional router support. We’ll be bringing you an in-depth review of the Super Jig and VRS in the near future.

Super Jig 12 with VRS
Super Jig 12 with VRS
VRS close-up
VRS close-up

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Last modified: September 29, 2023

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