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CAT 60V 21″ brushless lawn mower

An ultimate performance mower with the benefit of TorqLogic technology and a 5-year warranty.


An ultimate performance mower with the benefit of TorqLogic technology and a 5-year warranty.

Author: Chad Martin

The CAT DG670 mower comes fully assembled with the attachable bag or discharge chute included for you to customize the mower to your personal preference.  The DG6B5 60V 5.0Ah battery and DG6C3 3A charger are in the box as well.  While the battery did come with a charge, I put the battery on the charger immediately after opening so I could do the testing on a full charge.

COMPANY: Caterpillar Inc
PRICE: $699.99
MADE IN: Overseas



Motor: Brushless
Battery platform: 60V, 5 Ah
Drive system: Push
Deck: 21″ (steel)
Cutting modes: 3-in-1 mulch/bag/side discharge
Cutting height: 1-1/2″ to 4″ (7-position​)
Weight: 77.2 lbs with battery installed
Includes: DG6B5 60V 5.0Ah battery, DG6C3 3A charger, mower bag, discharge chute

I wish I could say what the runtime truly is, however after 30+ minutes of continuous run time, the battery only dropped 20% and I was running out of neighbors lawns to cut.  The TorqLogic feature, at first was unexpected, as the mower seemed to rev up unexpectedly, but once I realized that was the TorqLogic, it powered the blades through some very tall, thick grass, which stepped back to its standard running power as the load eased.  This feature came in very handy as I worked through some difficult areas in the lawns cut.

The controls and adjustment options are easy to use and readily accessible.  The deck height adjustment offers 7 levels with an easy to read scale for whatever your grass length preference may be.  The three adjustable height settings of the handle is a great feature, especially for those parents, like myself, who insist on handing off the mower to their children for “further testing”.

With this said, despite the large battery, the weight of the mower is quite easily managed (there is space in the compartment to store a second battery).  Navigating tight turns and spaces is a breeze, while the wide 21” deck provides ample coverage to make cutting your average lawn quick and efficient.

If any improvement could be recommended, I’d say the ergonomics of the handle are my least favorite aspect.  The handle is a square cross bar, which isn’t the most natural feel, however with the ease of movement and control, you’re not wrestling a beast of a mower over rough terrain, so I certainly didn’t experience any grip fatigue or discomfort from the handle.

One other feature that while subtle, is a huge bonus for someone with limited storage space; is the handle easily folds down, that nicely compliments the two carrying handles which can also double as hanging brackets for storage on a wall and out of the way.   For someone like myself that often transports my yard tools to help others, this makes not only for compact storage, but easy loading and unloading in and out of a vehicle.

Over my decades of cutting lawns with everything from gas powered, rotary and corded mowers, I have to say going with battery powered has been a huge step up.  Not having to deal with gasoline and maintenance, or flinging an extension cord out of the way every ten seconds is almost freeing when mowing a lawn.

Overall the CAT DG670 Lawn Mower is a great tool to add to your home maintenance arsenal.  It’s powerful brushless motor and ingenious TorqLogic technology makes it a flexible and effective tool for your yard care.  Any average size lawn needing cut by an entrepreneurial teenager or helpful neighbor would greatly benefit from having this mower.


21″ mower blade


The battery compartment includes space for an optional 2nd battery.


Easy gear shift from bag to mulch/side discharge


7-position cutting height


You can’t go wrong with the CAT DG670

Last modified: September 29, 2023

Chad Martin - [email protected]

Chad is the Community Engagement Director at Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement. He also runs his own woodworking business specializing in culinary and home decor woodworking.

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