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2SAND aluminum oxide sanding belts

Durable, long lasting premium sanding belts.


Durable, long lasting premium sanding belts.

Author: Carl Duguay

Benchtop and free-standing combination belt/disc sanders are among the most popular sanding machines in woodworking shops. They’re super convenient for sanding concave and convex shapes as well as fairly short flat surfaces.

There are several types of sanding belts that can be used with these machines – the most common, and cost effective are made of aluminum oxide. I recently had the opportunity of shop testing 6″ by 48″ aluminum oxide sanding belts from 2Sand.

Manufacturer: 2Sand
Model: 6X48ESB##
Price: $54.61 – $83.76 USD
Source: Dealer direct



15 grits from 24-grit to 400-grit in 10-packs
Coarse and fine assorted grits in 9-packs
X weight cloth backing
Resin over resin bonding

2Sand makes a wide range of sanding belts from 24-grit to 400-grit. I’ve been using the 150-grit belts in my shop for the past month or so.

The belts have a heavy X-weight cloth backing accompanied by a resin over resin bonding, making them stronger, stiffer and more resistant to heat and moisture than the economy J-weight belts. These X-weight belts are better suited for general purpose sanding where a long service life and sanding consistency are important.

A nice feature of the 2Sand belts is that they can be run in either direction. By periodically changing the direction in which they’re installed (and consistently using a belt cleaner) I find they last longer. Overall, the 2Sand belts outlast the Klingspor belts that have been my mainstay for the past decade or so. On hardwoods, which I primarily use, they cut very quickly and don’t load as quickly.

The 2Sand brand cost about $3 more per belt than the Klingspor brand, but given the longer service life, I think they’re better value.



Last modified: September 29, 2023

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Carl is a Victoria-based furniture maker and the web editor at Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement.

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