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Our illustrated tool primers tell you what you need to know about basic woodworking hand tools, power tools and accessories.

Featured tool

Know Your Tools: A Japanese saw is a finely crafted tool that creates a very thin kerf and cuts on the pulls...

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Feature Tools


Bandsaws are versatile shop machines that don’t take up much floor space, and are both...

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Belt Sanders

A belt sander takes a bit of time to get to know well, but once...

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Block Plane

They are especially useful for chamfering, smoothing end grain, fairing convex curves, cleaning up dovetails,...

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Project Spotlight

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Featured Wood Types

Alder, Red

Red alder (Western red alder) grows exclusively along the west coast of British Columbia, and is typically one of the...

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Pink Ivory


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Yellow Poplar

Yellow Poplar (Liriodendron tulipfera)by Peter MacSween Yellow Poplar (aka Tulip Poplar) is the largest hardwood tree found in the eastern North American...

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