The smart home

The smart home

We’re living in a highly connected, wireless world. Just about everyone – young, old, and in-between – uses a mobile communication device – either a smartphone or tablet computer. In fact, according to industry statistics, Canadians are among the most intensive users of mobile devices: 55-percent use a smartphone and 25-percent use a tablet computer. Various estimates place the annual growth rate for these devices at around 30-percent over the next couple of years.

Here are some ways that you can control a wide variety of basic home functions and features through a mobile device that provide a considerable degree of convenience in managing your home. They’ll also enable you to take a more active role in safeguarding your family and your possessions.

The smart home
Wi-Fi security cameras

5 Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Cameras

Keep an eye on what’s outside for better protection of what’s inside.

Doorbells and viewes

Doorbells And Viewers

See, talk to, and record video or still images of whoever is at your door – regardless of where you’re located.

Cabinet lighting

LED Kitchen Cabinet Lighting – In, Over or Under

LED lights are an easy-to-install, cost-effective way to improve the functionality and enhance the atmosphere in your kitchen.

Outlets and Switches

Outlets and Switches

No more wondering if you’ve forgotten to turn the lights or television off while heading to the airport. With these smart outlets and switches, you can do that, and so much more, from just about anywhere.


SMART LOCKS Make for Better Home Security

Thanks to advances in smart technology protecting your family, home, and its contents, is easier than ever.

smart phone case

Smart Protection For Your Smart Phone

The most useful tool in your shop might just be right in your pocket. In order to protect it from bumps, falls, dust, and tools you should consider one of these smartphone protectors.

smart thermostats

Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Thermostats

Use your mobile device or desktop computer for optimal control of your home’s temperature.

Smart Sensors

Smart Sensors

These two smart sensors can help make your home safer and your life less stressful.

wireless audio

Wireless Audio For Workshop or Jobsite

Whether it’s Beethoven or Beyoncé, Miles Davis or Dr. Dre, music can help the workday glide along more smoothly. We look at four general types of devices that wirelessly connect to your smartphone to help you keep your groove.

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