>Spoon and utensil making basics

Spoon and utensil making basics

Carving a spoon by hand, or even incorporating some power... Read more
>How to Teach a Young Woodworker To Carve Spoons

How to Teach a Young Woodworker To Carve Spoons

Kids are often interested in how things are made. And... Read more
>7 great knife grips to get you started

7 great knife grips to get you started

Knives are simple tools that can do so much, but... Read more
>Create a Fan-Type Carving

Create a Fan-Type Carving

There are dozens of ways to make a classic fan... Read more
>Sharpening Carving Gouges

Sharpening Carving Gouges

Tuning and sharpening your gouges is vital to your success... Read more
>Power Carving

Power Carving

Practical tips on power tool carving tools and... Read more
>The history of paddle design and how to carve one

The history of paddle design and how to carve one

The paddle has a deep and rich history in Canada.... Read more
>Know your paddles

Know your paddles

The Canadian Canoe Museum is home to the largest collection... Read more
>Intaglio revisited

Intaglio revisited

“Intaglio”, the reverse of “relief” carving, is an age-old carving... Read more
>Carving Green Wood

Carving Green Wood

Many carvers believe that to carve, they need dry wood,... Read more
>Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the Trade

Renowned Canadian woodcarver David Bruce Johnson shares some of his... Read more
>Fundamentals of folds

Fundamentals of folds

To carve any realistic object, an understanding of its construction... Read more


Most wood carvers are familiar with the concept of relief... Read more
>Sharpening for carvers

Sharpening for carvers

Without a doubt, "sharpening" is a skill that many carvers... Read more
>Relief carving

Relief carving

Relief carving is very appealing. Wood for carving is readily... Read more
>Wood grain

Wood grain

When carving wood, one thing is a certainty – you... Read more
>Direct carving – the Johnson method

Direct carving – the Johnson method

Direct Carving can be defined as "the process of creating... Read more
>Tuning your knife

Tuning your knife

When you buy a new tool, it is reasonable to... Read more
>How to handle your tools

How to handle your tools

Golfers have been known to say that the more they... Read more
>Getting started (with carving)

Getting started (with carving)

Ever toy with the idea of carving? I don’t mean... Read more