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Sumac Box

Sumac Box

Maker: Terry Mader

Location: Battersea, Ontario

You are here: Home / Reader photos / Sumac Box Sumac Box By Terry Mader on March 27, 2021 Your magazine and all the good folks that work there did inspire me as well as the awesome work other readers sent in! This Sumac Box was made using wood from a Staghorn Sumac tree I cut and air dried in the barn. The lid is constructed from resawn pieces of sumac jointer planed and glued together, shaped into a lid by hand. The knob is shaped from a piece of Lilac socket joined into the lid with a hop Hornbeam spline. The bowl itself was hand-shaped from one chunk of the staghorn sumac trunk with two round feet socket joined through the bottom of the bowl.

Submitted: March 2021

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