Oilfield bed truck

oil rig truck replica

by Chris Smith

This oilfield bed truck replica took 6 weeks to complete. ,It’s made from walnut, oak, cherry, aspen and acacia. I added ground effect lights and also engine compartment lights. I made this from a couple of photos and included as much detail as I could. Every piece was made by hand – there are no CNC parts at all. All parts are movable, including tires that turn, front steering in quad, doors, engine hood, steering wheel, hydro levers and break pot arms. The CAT C15 engine, transmission, drivetrain, driveshafts and universals all move like the real ones. Poles, wenches and kickers out the back end (used when positioning the drilling rig components) are fully working as well. The rig was sanded to 800-grit and then 2 coats of sand seal and 4 coats of finish were applied.

oil bed truck replica

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