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Mission style end table

Mission style end table

Maker: Christopher Sebzda

Location: Mississauga, Ontario

At the 2017 Hamilton Woodworking show, I had the good fortune to meet one of Canadian Woodworking’s representatives. Well, he definitely convinced me that that I should not only subscribe to the magazine but that I should also submit some pictures of the finished work that was then only in the planning/drafting stage of development. So at long last, after 6 months (including 11 different manual re-drafts before work actually began) I present to you my finished mission style end table. The frame is made of red oak while the top is composed of black walnut, ash and red oak. The three-dimensional design is composed of solids rather than veneers. It stands 21” tall and the top dimensions are 14” wide x 21” long.”

Submitted: January, 2021

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