>Projects to make with children

Projects to make with children

Our most popular free project plans that you'll... Read more
>Make a Kid’s Art Storage Box

Make a Kid’s Art Storage Box

The perfect level of difficulty for a kid’s... Read more
>Wooden Cube Puzzle

Wooden Cube Puzzle

The seven shapes shown below represent all the... Read more
>Three-Way Cross Puzzle

Three-Way Cross Puzzle

This puzzle not only challenges you to separate... Read more
>Flags Puzzle

Flags Puzzle

It’s rewarding to be able to share your... Read more
>How To Make a Double-Sided Board Game

How To Make a Double-Sided Board Game

Whether you're relaxing by the lake, or having... Read more
>Build a Kids’ Train Set

Build a Kids’ Train Set

This fun train set is a simple project... Read more
>Make a 3D Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Make a 3D Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Whether working alone or with friends and family,... Read more
>Build a Magic Cube

Build a Magic Cube

All children have a natural love for toys,... Read more
>Make a Set of Kids’ Playing Card Holders

Make a Set of Kids’ Playing Card Holders

If you have kids or grandchildren who would... Read more
>Turn Some Spin Tops

Turn Some Spin Tops

Turning spin tops is easy, highly productive and... Read more
>Build a Time Delay Exploding Box

Build a Time Delay Exploding Box

This is a fun weekend project for woodworkers... Read more
>Make a Pen-Holder Puzzle

Make a Pen-Holder Puzzle

Wood can do some wonderful things, and one... Read more
>Build an Indoor Bouldering Wall for Kids

Build an Indoor Bouldering Wall for Kids

Kids love to climb. Unfortunately, for most jumpy... Read more
>Devil Amongst the Tinkers

Devil Amongst the Tinkers

This fast-moving game is easy to make, easy... Read more
>Make a Children’s Sleigh

Make a Children’s Sleigh

Rather than spend another Canadian winter waiting for... Read more
>Build A Kid’s Toolbox

Build A Kid’s Toolbox

A great way to introduce a child to... Read more
>Children’s Blocks

Children’s Blocks

Toys make great Christmas presents. This project doesn’t... Read more
>Train Set

Train Set

Every child loves a toy train. This simple... Read more


Making a dollhouse is much like building a... Read more


There is nothing like a simple puzzle to... Read more
>Woodshopasaurus Rex

Woodshopasaurus Rex

As daylight grows shorter at this time of... Read more
>Toy Train

Toy Train

Trains, boats and planes seem to fascinate both... Read more


As the propeller turns, imagination sparks, and in... Read more
>Give me your heart

Give me your heart

For woodworkers who like to give their sweetie something... Read more
>Whale trap

Whale trap

Poor Willy the Whale is locked in a... Read more
>Star puzzle

Star puzzle

The object of this puzzle is to fit... Read more
>Coin box puzzle

Coin box puzzle

This unusual coin box is made from six... Read more


The object of this puzzle is to open... Read more
>Triangle puzzle

Triangle puzzle

This is a put-together puzzle that is very... Read more
>Sandwich puzzle

Sandwich puzzle

The object of the sandwich puzzle is to... Read more
>Tower of brahma puzzle

Tower of brahma puzzle

The object of this puzzle is to transfer... Read more
>Wine bottle puzzle

Wine bottle puzzle

To enjoy this wine you have to solve... Read more
>Activity Centre

Activity Centre

Keep your child entertained with this activity centre.... Read more
>“C” Cab Stake Truck

“C” Cab Stake Truck

Here is a cool toy that you can... Read more