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>Build a floating vanity

Build a floating vanity

Vanities don’t have to be overly complex. This... Read more
>Make a sliding shoji screen

Make a sliding shoji screen

A shoji screen is a sliding door that... Read more
>Wave-Edge cedar deck

Wave-Edge cedar deck

Make some waves: Add beautiful curves and solid... Read more
>Make a custom bathroom vanity

Make a custom bathroom vanity

Build a vanity for your bathroom that looks... Read more
>Build custom interior doors

Build custom interior doors

Solid hardwood, coupled with a unique design and... Read more
>Making an entrance….GRAND!

Making an entrance….GRAND!

Your home’s front entrance is the first thing... Read more
>Design and build a wall unit

Design and build a wall unit

Wall units are complex projects, but with the... Read more
>Simple, Quick and Cost-Effective: Your New Closet

Simple, Quick and Cost-Effective: Your New Closet

Many people would like more storage, but they... Read more
>Build a Solid [Yet Playful] Entry Door

Build a Solid [Yet Playful] Entry Door

There are few houses with a truly special... Read more
>Make a Sliding Door

Make a Sliding Door

A sliding door should be considered a piece... Read more
>Hinged Storage Panels

Hinged Storage Panels

Using wall space efficiently plays a key role... Read more
>Under sink organizer

Under sink organizer

Bringing order to the under-sink chaos in your... Read more
>Louvered Doors

Louvered Doors

Looking to build an attractive door that offers... Read more
>Wooden floor vents

Wooden floor vents

Making your own wooden floor vents is an... Read more
>Entry door

Entry door

A beautiful set of hand made doors can... Read more
>Faux fireplace mantle

Faux fireplace mantle

Add flair and ambiance with this faux... Read more