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Your one-stop-shop for helical cutter heads

Your one-stop-shop for helical cutter heads is your one-stop-shop for helical cutter heads by SHELIX and LUX as well as planer and jointer knives for most machines from 1900 to today.  We also offer an extensive selection of standard and custom molding knives for most popular molding machines and shapers as well as professional door making cutter head systems.

We specialize in helping you select the right cutter heads for your machinery. Many makes and models were changed over the years and it can be a challenge to measure and identify the critical differences between technical drawings and your particular machine.

We’ve even helped customers find the right cutter heads for machines made in the early to mid 1900’s with babbitt bearings  and unusual direct drive arrangements. We’ve also helped customers select the right molding knives to duplicate antique moldings for renovation and restoration work.

Our priority is to offer excellent products best suited to your needs and within your budget, and to give you sound, reliable advice.

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