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WORX TRIVAC 12-amp 3-in-1 blower mulcher vac

WORX TRIVAC 12-amp 3-in-1 blower mulcher vac

Charlotte, NC – This fall, homeowners faced with a carpet of leaves can make quick work of their removal with the WORX®WG522lifestyle.jpg TRIVAC® 12-Amp 3-in-1 Blower/Mulcher/Vac. If 16 collection bags were stuffed full of leaves, they’d all fit into a single bag with this versatile blower/mulcher/vac.

There are no tools required. This vac’s patented articulating motor provides one-touch, conversion from blower to vacuum. The yard vac generates high-capacity air volume due to its motor and air siphon design. In fact, with air speeds reaching 70 mph and 600 cubic-feet-per-minute (cfm), the vac virtually eliminates bending over associated with this fall activity.

With TRIVAC, all blowing, mulching and vacuuming applications are managed through a single tube. Converting from blower to mulcher/vac is a matter of turning a switch and connecting the 1.4 bushel collection bag.

The wide-mouth, unobstructed circular tube design makes it ideal for vacuuming leaves and other yard debris throughout the property, even in hard-to-reach areas, such as under decks, between shrubs and fence lines. The single-stage TRIVAC features a metal impeller to shred leaves and twigs into fine mulch, which can be used in beds or collected for curbside pickup.

The TRIVAC features a two-speed motor. Level one is best when entering sensitive areas, while the more powerful and aggressive level two is for more demanding blowing and vacuuming/mulching tasks.

WG522lifestyle2.jpg“The TRIVAC is a real workhorse in the yard,” said Ashley Russo, WORX Product Manager. “It’s a real time saver when itWG522product.jpg comes to fall cleanup, but it’s versatile enough to be used year-round clearing dust from the garage, as well as entryways into the home.

The combination vac is well-balanced and easy to use. To improve weight distribution, a shoulder strap is provided. TRIVAC weighs 9.1 lbs. in blower mode and 9.5 lbs. in vac mode with the collection bag.

The WORX TRIVAC 12-Amp, 3-in-1 Blower/Mulcher/Vac (WG522) is available at canadiantire.ca, The TRIVAC is covered by WORX three-year limited warranty.

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