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WORX NITRO 20V 2.0 gallon wet/dry vac features three functions

WORX NITRO 20V 2.0 gallon wet/dry vac features three functions

Charlotte, NC – The new WORX® Nitro 20V Power Share 2.0 Gal. Wet/Dry Vac is compact, portable and offers three functions. Not only can the cordless vac pick up dry and wet spills, but it also has a blower port to move debris.

The 6.8 lb. (with battery) wet/dry vac is powered by a 20V 4.0Ah Power Share battery and a brushless motor for longer run time and extended product life. The ac features “HI” and “Eco” mode power settings. Eco mode is low speed for light duty jobs. The lower speed conserves battery run time. With the fully charged WORX 20V 4.0Ah battery, estimated run time is 40 minutes using a combination of HI and Eco power settings.

The 2.0 gal. wet/dry vac has an accordion-like pliable hose that stretches to 6-1/2 ft. in length. The vac’s liquid capacity is 0.8 gal. There’s a separate port when converting to the blower. In blower mode, the vac generates 38 cubic-feet-per-minutes (cfm). The vac is equipped with a removable HEPA filter that can be rinsed. It isn’t necessary to remove the filter before wet pick-ups.

The resin-constructed wet/dry vac has a built-in carrying handle, plus an adjustable carrying strap for pickups on the move. The battery compartment is enclosed and sealed, and features an exterior push-button battery charge level indicator. The clasps on the front and back of the vac provide access to the 2.1 gal. compartment for easy emptying. Hose accessories include a wide mouth attachment and a crevice tool for getting into hard-to-reach areas. When not in use, the accessories can be stored in the vac’s compartment.

Ideal for detailing, the compact, go-anywhere wet/dry vac is great for vacuuming vehicle floor mats, consoles, trunks and truck beds. It’s also handy in boats and RVs for quick pick-ups. At home, it makes quick work of clearing crumbs from kitchen counters, food particles between cushions and chairs, absorbing dust from blinds and sills and wet spill accidents on kitchen tables and floors.

The WORX 20V 4.0Ah Power Share battery is compatible with more than 75 other WORX DIY, lawn and garden and lifestyle products for cost savings and convenience. The 20V 2.0 gal. Wet/Dry Vac is covered by the WORX three-year limited warranty.

The WORX® Nitro 20V Power Share 2.0 Gal. Wet/Dry Vac (WX031L, $229.99) is available at and A bare tool version, minus the battery and charger (WX031L.9, $99.99) also is available.

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