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No more pumping with WORX cordless sprayer

Charlotte, NC – The WORX® 20V, 2-gal. Lawn Sprayer eliminates the need for stop-and-go hand-pumping in order to provide continuous spraying action with no loss of pressure during operation.  The portable, battery-operated sprayer is ideal for lawn care and home gardeners, as well as professionals, to quickly and easily spray water soluble solutions.


Portable lawn sprayers long have been standard garage and tool shed equipment for applying fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.  They also are handy for spot watering and spraying chemicals for cleaning, sanitizing and algae/mildew removal. In most cases, portable sprayers enable gardeners to save money by using concentrated, rather than pre-mixed, solutions.


In place of labor-intensive pumping, the WORX 20V, 2-gal. Lawn Sprayer is equipped with a dependable 20V, 2.0Ah, MAX lithium, Power Share battery that drives an air compressor pump to deliver a constant spraying pressure of 26 PSI. The battery’s run time is approximately 40 gal. per charge.  This pump upgrade from hand-pumping helps eliminate fluctuations in spraying pressure and downtime. In addition, Power Share batteries are compatible with more than 75 WORX 20V, 40V and 80V lawn and garden, DIY and lifestyle products for cost savings and convenience.


Unlike manual pumps, the lawn sprayer’s air compressor pump never makes contact with the tank’s liquid contents.WORX 20V_2gal Lawn Sprayer WG829_2.jpg Therefore, the same pump can be used with other lawn sprayer tanks without concern of contamination, including WORX tank models WA4028 (5L) and WA4029 (2gal), which are sold separately.  In addition, the pump shares a common thread with several tanks from competitive manual-pump sprayers, including Round Up®, Smith®, Husqvarna® and Scotts® models.


The lawn spayer also features a lightweight, 19.21 in. wand and variable-spray nozzle with lock-on/off settings.  The adjustable nozzle nut is tightened securely to spray a fan-shaped fog or loosened to spray a long, thin stream.  For continuous spraying, the lever is depressed and locked, ensuring safe operation and a tight seal.


A pressure release valve on the tank allows quick and easy release of internal tank pressure prior to removing the lid for refilling and cleanup. Spray wand storage is built into the tank base for portability and storage.  A shoulder strap harness also is included for easy carrying, especially during extended use periods. The sprayer also can be ported by its handle. Its platform base stabilizes the sprayer in an upright position for stationary spraying.


WORX 20V_2gal Lawn Sprayer WG829_1.jpgIncluded with the WORX 20V, 2-gal. Lawn Sprayer is a 20V, 2.0Ah battery; charger and shoulder strap.  The lawn sprayer is covered by the WORX three-year limited warranty.


The WORX 20V, 2-gal. Lawn Sprayer (WG829, $139.99) is available at  A bare tool version (WG829.9, $89.99), minus the battery and charger, also is available at

No more pumping with WORX cordless sprayer

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