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Work Sharp Benchtop Knife Sharpener

Sponsored: The Work Sharp Benchtop sharpening system is an angle-guided, three-sided abrasive stone for kitchen, pocket and outdoor knives. Medium (400) and fine (800) grit diamond plates quickly restore an edge, and the fine grit ceramic stone leaves a very sharp edge. The Pivot Response System allows the abrasive to follow the curve of the blade for fast and precise sharpening. This feature can be locked out for rigid sharpening, if needed. Sharpening guides (20° or 25°) on either end of the stone set the starting angle for honing before each pass. No water or oil is required, making sharpening faster with less setup and cleanup. Abrasives are user-replaceable to provide serviceability over the life of the sharpener. Visit for more information.

Work Sharp Benchtop Knife Sharpener

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