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Woodworking school opens at wendell castle workshop

Woodworking school opens at wendell castle workshop

SCOTTSVILLE, N.Y., January 9, 2024 – The Wendell Castle Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the artist’s legacy through education, conservation, and programming, is launching a school in Castle’s longtime studio. Focused on the intersection of creativity, design, and technique, the Wendell Castle Workshop invites woodworking enthusiasts, emerging and established artists, designers, and makers to learn, collaborate,
and innovate in a supportive and stimulating environment. Located in the studio where the world-renowned artist created his art furniture for over five decades, the WCW is a creative hub where students come together to follow in Castle’s footsteps—using his tools and machines—by taking classes with instructors who studied under, worked for, collaborated with, or were inspired by Castle. Classes in furniture design, woodworking techniques, and
more are offered in a creative atmosphere like no other.

“We selected our instructors and course content very carefully, and with access to many of Wendell’s pieces, students and instructors will be inspired to do their best work in his space. We look forward to providing an outstanding environment and instruction for our students,” said Ken Page, interim director, Wendell Castle Workshop.

The WCW focuses on practical education, design, and artistic expression, welcoming students of all skill levels, from those looking to learn new techniques to experienced makers seeking new challenges. The weekend, week-long, or two-week classes are project-based, technique-based, or both. Registration is open now for classes beginning in April 2024.

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