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Woodpeckers SkillSquare carpenter’s squares

Woodpeckers SkillSquare carpenter’s squares

Strongsville, OH – Northeast Ohio tool manufacturer, Woodpeckers, recently introduced the SkillSquare with four different versions…two designs and two choices of beam material. SkillSquares merge the features of the traditional carpenter’s square with Woodpeckers tradition of precision-machined one-piece stainless steel blades and separately machined beams.

The shape of the standard SkillSquare roughly resembles the traditional die-cast carpenter’s square. The distinctive difference is the beam. Beefy sections of anodized aluminum or solid phenolic provide a solid reference surface that’s easy to work with and comfortable to hold. Look closer and you’ll see the body of the square is precision-machined stainless steel with easy-to-read laser-engraved scales. The ”XT” versions add a second scale on the outside of the square beam. This feature allows you to do lay out work that doesn’t register from the end of your workpiece.

The choice of beam material comes down to how you will use the SkillSquare. The black phenolic beam holds up well to the rigors of a construction site. If you’ll use it in a furniture or cabinet shop, you’ll appreciate the anodized aluminum version.

Company founder and president, Richard Hummel said of the introduction, “We have put together a family of squares that are as handy to use as the original triangular carpenter’s square, but take the design to a new level of precision.”

Woodpeckers has focused on the needs of hobbyist woodworkers since 1988 and began manufacturing the majority of their offerings in 1993. The company makes precision layout tools, router tables and lifts, innovative clamping tools, carbide-tipped woodturning tools and a wide variety of helpful shop products. Their facility houses a vast array of computer-controlled mills and lathes and employs over 200 skilled American workers.

Complete details on the Setup Block Sets can be found at the Woodpeckers website:

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