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Woodpeckers Simple Set nails table saw and rip fence alignment

Woodpeckers Simple Set nails table saw and rip fence alignment

Strongsville, OH – Northeast Ohio tool manufacturer, Woodpeckers, recently announced its new Simple Set Fence Gauge. If you’re intimidated by saw alignment tools with dial indicators, Simple Set may be just what you’re looking for. Set your rip fence or saw blade parallel to the miter slot within thousandths of an inch just by your sense of feel. A patented leaf spring in the miter bar ensures a snug fit in miter slots that are either slightly undersized or slightly oversized. Set the probe to the blade or fence at the front, then move it to the back. If it binds or looses contact, adjust accordingly. When you get close, use a feeler gauge to get a perfect setting. Optional extension rods are available to check rip fence parallelism at long distances from the miter slot.

“While many of us, myself included, prefer to work with a dial indicator, some people prefer using their sense of feel in judging the drag of a probe. We have a couple different saw gauges with dial indicators, this is just a simpler, less expensive option for those who prefer to work by feel,” said Woodpeckers president, Richard Hummel.

Woodpeckers has focused on the needs of hobbyist woodworkers since 1988 and began manufacturing the majority of their offerings in 1993. The company makes precision layout tools, router tables and lifts, innovative clamping tools, carbide router bits and a wide variety of helpful shop products. Their facility houses a vast array of computer-controlled mills and lathes and employs over 100 skilled American workers.

Complete details on the Simple Set Fence gauge System can be found at the Woodpeckers website:

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