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Woodpeckers BigCal woodworking calipers

Woodpeckers BigCal woodworking calipers

Strongsville, OH – Northeast Ohio tool manufacturer, Woodpeckers, recently announced its new BigCal Woodworking Calipers in 12″ and 24″ versions. Machinists have used tools like this for centuries, as have many woodworkers. But, the jaws are a little too shallow and the blades are a little too short for many woodworking applications. On top of that, most machinist’s calipers have dials or digital read-outs that measure down to the thousandth of an inch…not much value to the woodworker whose material can move that much with a few degrees of temperature change.

Woodpeckers took the form factor of the traditional caliper, enlarged the head, lengthened the blade and engraved scales in 1/32nd and mm graduations. Now woodworkers can take advantage of the jaw design of the caliper on larger dimensions and in measurements they can use.

Says Woodpeckers president, Richard Hummel, “One key feature of the caliper is the ability to transfer a measurement accurately without ever reading the scale at all. The inside and outside reading jaws are perfectly aligned, so you can easily gauge how something is going to fit in a corresponding opening.”

The scale on the back of the blade starts with zero at the other end, allowing you to use the moving jaw and the scale on the back to measure depth and scribe parallel to material edges.

Woodpeckers has focused on the needs of hobbyist woodworkers since 1988 and began manufacturing the majority of their offerings in 1993. The company makes precision layout tools, router tables and lifts, innovative clamping tools, carbide-tipped woodturning tools, carbide router bits and a wide variety of helpful shop products. Their facility houses a vast array of computer-controlled mills and lathes and employs over 100 skilled American workers.

Complete details on BigCal Woodworking Calipers can be found at the Woodpeckers website:

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