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Woodcraft introduces marking and measuring tools for advanced and entry-level woodworkers

Woodcraft introduces marking and measuring tools for advanced and entry-level woodworkers

PARKERSBURG, W. VA. (June 2023) — Woodcraft Supply®, one of the nation’s oldest and largest retailers who offer quality woodworking tools and supplies, has expanded its Pinnacle® tool line to include precision marking and measuring tools.

Pinnacle is a proprietary brand of professional-quality tools, including hand tools like socket firmer chisels, turning tools and the No. 151 spokeshave.

“We are proud to bring this very comprehensive line of tools to woodworkers of all skill levels,” President and CEO Jack Bigger said. “Woodcraft chose to expand its Pinnacle brand in order to provide woodworkers and DIYers with quality precision tools. There weren’t many options for finding a broad selection of quality marking and measuring solutions all in one place. With more than 70 retail stores across the country, a respected online presence and our long-standing mail-order catalog, our customers can find what they need at Woodcraft.”

Designed for Precision, Value and Convenience

Senior Product Development Manager Joe Young said the new Pinnacle products include general measuring instruments and finely calibrated tools for both advanced and entry-level woodworkers.

“We emphasized ultra-precise design when we were creating these tools. For instance, Precision Squares are monolithically machined out of one piece versus having riveted panels. This reduces any possibility of error in assembly,” he said. “Black anodizing reduces the chance of fading and provides a better surface for laser engraving.”

Another example of the precision manufacturing process of Pinnacle tools is that the T-Square is machined on a five-axis machining center using a single setup, avoiding the multiple setups required in traditional machining. This single setup reduces the chances of any deviations.

New items added to the lineup include the 24″ Precision T-Square, Drawing Triangle Set, Straight Rules (both Imperial and Metric), Thumb Rules (both Imperial and Metric), Precision Squares (both Imperial and Metric), Center Finder, Universal Slide Stop for Rulers, Straight Rule Hook Stop, 18″ Triangle Ruler and Mini Carpenter Square.

Pinnacle History

The Pinnacle line of tools was originally introduced in 2004 and is available exclusively at Woodcraft. Precision engineering, practical design and attention to detail are the basis upon which Pinnacle products are crafted. All Pinnacle products are manufactured to very tight tolerances for the discriminating woodworker.

Some of the features that make these tools stand out are:

  • Made from durable materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass or plastic, that resist wear and corrosion.
  • Clear and accurate markings that are laser engraved or etched for better visibility and contrast.
  • Ergonomic designs that provide comfortable grips and secure clamping on your workpieces.
  • Adjustable features that allow you to set common angles, depths, diameters or lengths with precision.

To learn more, please contact the store nearest you, visit or call (800) 535-4482.

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