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Win a DustFX 1050 CFM air cleaner

Win a DustFX 1050 CFM air cleaner

The DustFX CWI-DAC1200 is a 3-speed air cleaning system built to assist in keeping the workshop clean of very small floating dust particles. It features a two-stage filtering process that cleans 98% of the 5-micron dust particles and 85% of the 1 micron. The first filter is an electrostatic filter to prevent unwanted charges with dust. This air cleaner is designed to sit on a bench or hang from the ceiling to effectively pull in all the airborne dust particles and then exhaust out clean air. It will operate at three different CFM levels, depending on the demand required, and will clean an average 20’ x 20’ shop 14 times per hour. Retail value: $449.50. Contest ends July 31, 2023

This contest is now over

The winner is Lindsey Bowan from Vegreville, Alberta


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  2. Setting up a woodworking area with vacuum but this will be a great alternative to keep the Air clean

  3. I was going to attempt to build a dust collector but if I can win one that would be awesome

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