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Win a BESSEY K Body REVO clamping kit

Win a BESSEY K Body REVO clamping kit

Backed by a lifetime warranty, Bessey’s K Body REVO sets the standard as a top-of-the-line parallel jaw clamp. The 2″ wide by 5-3/4″ long replaceable pads distribute clamping force of up to 1700 lbs over a large surface area. Throat depth is a generous 3-3/4″. The BESSEY KREK2440 kit consists of two 24″ clamps, two 40″ clamps and a set of four KP support blocks.  Contest ends January 2, 2023.

This contest in now over

The winner is Donald G of Saint John, NB


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  2. My dad would love to add these to his collection! He had a stroke 3 years ago and woodworking was a huge part of his recovery, we add new clamps to his collection every year (:

  3. I’m new to wood working. I don’t have a lot of woodworking tools yet. A friend said to me that you can never have enough clamps. He was right.

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