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Win a $250 KJP Select Hardwoods Gift Card

Win a $250 KJP Select Hardwoods Gift Card

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The winner is Miranda Boyce of Staffa, Ontario


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  2. Hi Molly,

    You could also try an exterior finish with some UV inhibitors. Sadly, wood will change colour over time, and there’s little we can do to change that. What you can do is to try and minimize or slow the change by using water based finishes, or like I said above, one with a UV inhibitor. As far as the gloss is concerned, these finishes are available in a gloss sheen, so just make sure to purchase one that’s labelled as such.

    Good luck!

  3. Hello. What clear finish would you recommend that will protect woods from darkening with exposure to sunlight? I’m specifically referring to purpleheart. I build musical instruments and want to build a mountain dulcimer with a purpleheart body with a canary wood top. Is there a spray-on lacquer or other product that will protect the wood from sun exposure, as well as providing a nice glossy finish?

    1. Over time purpleheart is going to darken, typically to a brownish colour, regardless of the finish. I would avoid an oil finish and go with a lacquer or water based finish.

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