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Whiteside introduces two new CNC router bit sets

Whiteside introduces two new CNC router bit sets

(CLAREMONT, NC) – Whiteside Machine Company is introducing two new CNC router bit sets aimed at production shops and the discerning woodworker. Zeb Whiteside, in keeping with the family’s long standing dedication to innovative products stated, “with the rapid expansion of CNC machines in the market place, there has been an ever-increasing demand for high performance CNC router bits and router bit sets.” Whiteside continued, “through consultation with CNC manufacturers and production shops, we are pleased to announce the development of two new CNC router bit sets.”

whiteside CNC router bits

Item #709- General Purpose Set

The General Purpose CNC Set is a nine piece kit designed to give woodworkers a selection of popular bits for cutting natural and composite woods as well as hard plastics and thin aluminum. This set features our two most popular V-Grooves, two Ball Nose Spirals, two Up-Cut Spirals, two Down Cut Spirals, and our four-flute Tapered Ball Nose Spiral. The selection of tools allows for a wide variety of projects including cut out work, mortising, sign making, engraving, 3D carving, and more.

The bits are packaged in a hardened plastic case for safe shipping and storage. The street price on The Nine Piece General Purpose Set is $232.90. SKU #709.


whiteside CNC router bits

Set #714- “THE WORKS”

“The Works” by Whiteside is a deluxe selection of CNC focused tools offering a complete solution for cutting natural woods, composite woods, plastics, and aluminum. This set contains 14 router bits ranging from Standard Spirals, Ball Nose Spirals, and Compression Spirals to O-Flutes for plastics and aluminum, Engraving Bits for lettering and fine detail work, and our popular #6210 Surfacing Bit. Street price for “THE WORKS” is $399.95. SKU #714.

For more information on the new CNC router bit sets and the complete Whiteside product line, please visit

An industry leader for over 50 years, Whiteside Machine Company manufactures production router bits, solid carbide tooling, composite, wood and transom drills, hole saws, chucks and custom tooling for the industrial woodworking, cabinet shop, construction and fine woodworking markets. The corporate headquarters and production facility are located in Claremont, North Carolina.

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