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Western Retail Lumber Association launches ‘Let’s Go Build’ recruitment campaign

With boundless opportunities in the industry and benefits like work-life balance, exciting and enjoyable work, inclusive culture, transferable skills, and good pay, ‘Let’s Go Build’ is inviting potential employees to build a future in Western Canada’s lumber, building materials and hardgoods industry. 

Western Retail Lumber Association launches ‘Let’s Go Build’ recruitment campaign

Wednesday, May 10, 2023 – Winnipeg, Manitoba- ‘Let’s Go Build’ is an invitation by the Western Retail Lumber Association’s 1100+ member organizations to future employees. The lumber, building materials and hardgoods industry offers opportunity, growth, stability, and work-life balance and believes in investing in and elevating its people.

The ‘Let’s Go Build’ recruitment campaign brings together job opportunities from members based in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Northwest Ontario, Yukon, and Nunavut. The industry is committed to increasing awareness of the opportunities and benefits a career in the industry offers among traditional and non-traditional audiences. The ‘Let’s Go Build’ website is a dedicated hub that will address job seekers’ queries about these industries and clear misperceptions. It will bridge the gap between employers and employees; the ‘Build Your Career’ page will list job openings at the 1100+ member organizations and will be continually updated.

Through the campaign, the industry has united to enable potential candidates at all stages in their life or career to explore job opportunities in sectors including natural resources, manufacturing, remanufacturing, wholesale and distribution, professional building, retail, forestry management, transportation, construction, development, market research and innovation, education, export and trade, standards, supply chain, steel aluminum, gypsum, insulation, building science, energy efficiency, paints and finishes, and green technology.

The lumber, building materials and hardgoods industry is crucial to Canada and has been growing, innovating and expanding for decades. The market size of the lumber and building material stores industry in Canada was over $108 billion in 2022, and currently, it employs over 461,000 Canadians.


“Picture a typical employee or job in the lumber, building materials and hardgoods industry. Chances are, that mental image is out of focus or out of date.

Our industry is enormous and growing with hundreds of thousands of employees in a broad range of roles. We promote and embrace diversity in the workplace, the boardroom, and our operations. We provide on-the-job training and opportunities for skill enhancement. There is opportunity here for anyone. Our ‘Let’s Go Build’ campaign seeks to bring our industry into sharper focus for job-seekers looking to build a fun, rewarding, stable, and fulfilling career.

We have everything job seekers need; all we need is them.”

Liz Kovach, President, Western Retail Lumber Association

“The building industry is very robust, and so is our workforce. We ensure that our employees can learn and grow. We provide several opportunities for them to cross-train- from internal and external sources. For anybody considering a career in our industry, we welcome you. There are so many different paths available – from forklift driver, to engineer, manager, carpenter, or accountant. Whether people are looking to change industries and find a new career path or fresh out of school looking for their first job, there are ample opportunities.”

Micah Flaig, Director, Western Retail Lumber Association and Special Project Coordinator, Lumberworld

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