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The better way to cut and shape wood

The better way to cut and shape wood

The made-in-USA Lancelot and Holey Galahad grinder discs from King Arthur’s Tools offer you not only the safest and best shaping tools you can buy today but also the most cost effective.

Lancelot chainsaw disc


The Lancelot chain disc consists of consecutive left and right teeth – the teeth are not separated by skip links common to standard chain saw. The blades have twice the number of regular teeth making it power through the hardest of woods and other soft non-ferrous materials. Installed on almost any 4-1/2″ to 5” and metric 115mm to 125mm angle grinder it gives you the most efficient and powerful cutting and shaping power tool accessory in the world.

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Holey Galahad grinding disc

Holey galahad

With their 6-hole “see through” technology Holey Galahad tungsten carbide discs are phenomenal for wood carving and sculpting. They leave a very coarse to even finish on contoured, convex and flat surfaces.

Holey Galahad discs fit most standard 4-1/2″ to 5” and metric 115mm to 125mm angle grinders. There are eight 7/8″ x 4″ (22mm x 100mm) discs to choose from in four grits (from extreme coarse to fine) and in round and flat profiles.

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  2. I also note that the chain disc cuts fast but also very dangerous. You have to be certain that the cutting edge is pulling away from you meaning the right side of the disc must be pointed down or downward. They do point that out in the instructions of use. But look out!

  3. I have found the Lancelot chain disc to be fast and efficient and also very dangerous. The disc can grab the wood and you can easily lose control. I always wear thick gloves along with all other safety gear. Your photo shows a dangerous situation. Thankyou.

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