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The best blades you never saw coming

Sparks, Md. — Strong. Sharp. Reliable. Efficient. A professional in the trades needs to be all of these. So, it’s fair to say that pros expect the same from their circular saw blades. The last thing they need is a blade that wears down, isn’t precise or warps under extreme use. With the new Crescent Tools Circular Saw Blades, pros in a variety of industries can cut more, faster and longer than ever.

“It’s surprising how often professionals in the trades who have such high expectations for themselves just put up with inferior saw blades that break or lose their edge far too soon,” said Trevor Brazell, product manager for Crescent Tools. “We took it as a challenge, and our new blades deliver in every way they didn’t think possible.”

Crescent Circular Saw Blades come in a range of styles to fit the needs of the job.

NailSlicer™ Framing Blades

  • Designed for framers, general contractors/construction workers, residential home builders, etc.
  • 8x blade life with High-Impact™ carbide teeth
  • 70% more cuts per blade with Active Shield™ blade coating
  • Laser-cut expansion slots reduce blade warping
  • The alternating tooth bevel provides greater cutting efficiency
  • 12 framing blade options, plus two demolition blade options

FineCut™ Finishing Blades

  • Designed for woodworkers, trim carpenters, flooring installers
  • 10x blade life compared to competitors
  • 40% smoother cut with Precision™ carbide teeth
  • Laser-cut expansion slots prevent burning of finishes
  • 13 finishing blade options

SteelSlicer™ Metal Blades

  • Designed for iron workers, metal workers and commercial electricians
  • 20x blade life with Heat Defense™ cermet teeth
  • 40% cooler cuts with Active Shield™ blade coating
  • Laser-cut vibration slots provide a smoother, more accurate cut
  • Five blade options

Crescent offers 57 Circular Saw Blades across 10 categories, including Framing, Finishing, Metal, Demolition and more.

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The best blades you never saw coming

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