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The Arbortech Ball Gouge

Arbortech has a great new tool coming out that will be of special interest to wood carvers, chair makers, and craft makers.

The Arbortech Ball Gouge

The Ball Gouge is a spherically shaped grinder attachment that can rapidly hollow small concave surfaces in woodworking projects. It is specifically designed to provide exceptional control, balance and performance in freehand wood shaping and carving.

This 30mm diameter ball-shaped cutter is ideal for crafting smooth hollows in wooden spoons, small bowls and is useful for small to medium sculpting. The Ball Gouge with its Anti-Grab Technology won’t dig in like other tools do, instead, it gently bounces out and when moved across a wooden surface, it creates a chisel-like texture.
It has a unique ring-shaped cutter that has been engineered to self-sharpen when in use, prolonging the life of the cutter to provide optimal value and durability.

The Ball Gouge will be available for pre-order in late August.

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