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The Apollo PRECISION-6 HVLP Sprayer is a Finalist for the Visionary Award at AWFS

Apollo Sprayers International, Inc., a USA based leader in the manufacturing of HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) products for spray finishing, announced that the TWIN-TURBO PRECISION-6 has been chosen as one of the FINALISTS for the Visionary Awards at the upcoming AWFS show in Las Vegas.

The Apollo PRECISION-6 HVLP Sprayer is a Finalist for the Visionary Award at AWFS

John Darroch, CEO says “We knew with the advanced air control features of the TWIN-TURBO PRECISION-6 Spray System we had something truly unique, but being chosen as one of the finalists for the Visionary Award is very special”. Darroch continues, “This award provides the validation by our peers that HVLP technology is important and Apollo Sprayers is a big part of the driving force in advancing turbo technology”.


The key benefits of the TWIN-TURBO PRECISION-6 provides the highest atomizing pressure of any system in the world and the lowest overspray, with 80+% or better transfer efficiency, simple to use and easy cleanup and maintenance. We back the PRECISION-6 with a 2-year limited warranty.  The PRECISION-6 closes the gap between air assisted airless technology and TrueHVLP Turbo Spray Technology. The PRECISION-6 enables the painter to be able to atomize high viscosity, high solids paints and coatings with the soft, warm air from turbo technology, thus reducing the amount of coatings they spray and ultimately reducing pollution.

PRECISION-6 Woodworking Advantages

REFINED ENGINEERING – Apollo has optimized the performance of the PRECISION-6 Turbo Spray system to deliver exceptional production output and application speeds.

PRECISION – Apollo’s Pressure Control System (PCS™) controls motor speed, voltage and amperage while adjusting automatically for altitude and barometric pressure thus assuring continuous, precise atomizing air pressure wherever you are.

POWER & PROFITABILITY – Documented 80+% transfer efficiency and 38% savings on coatings when compared with compressed air systems translates to lowering pollution.

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