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Task Lighting & Power introduces white light selectable

Task Lighting & Power introduces white light selectable

KEARNY, NEBRASKA – March 2, 2023] –  Task Lighting & Power, a Hardware Resources company, is pleased to introduce a new 120V bar light with three white light temperature settings that simplify coordinating under cabinet lighting with room lighting. Available for both hardwire or plug-in installation, the 120V fixture has a toggle switch that can be set to a soft white 3000K, cool white 4000K, or daylight white 5000K.  It also features a switch to set the light brightness from off, to medium bright or full bright.

“Our goal was to develop a compact light fixture that gives designers and installers maximum flexibility, especially when working on renovation projects with pre-existing room lighting,” said Keith Clark, Product Manager.  “The 120V Bar Light allows the homeowner to select the white light temperature after the installation.  It is an ideal replacement for florescent under cabinet lighting.   Having the ability to coordinate the light temperature across fixtures is important for ensuring a client’s overall satisfaction with a project.”

The white light selectable bar light is an excellent option for a wide range of residential and commercial applications.  In the home, it can be installed in kitchen, bath, laundry room, home office, or garage work bench. It is an ideal solution for retail stores and restaurants that need a lighting solution that can provide both ambiance and function.

Learn more about Task Lighting & Power’s 120V white light selectable bar light at

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