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Stiletto advances their hammer lineup with a new titanium finish hammer

Stiletto advances their hammer lineup with a new titanium finish hammer

MARKHAM, ON – As the premier brand of professional hammers on the market, Stiletto® expands their lineup with the TRIMBONE™ Titanium Hammer, designed with specialized features for finish carpentry, including mallet caps, replaceable steel faces, and replaceable coloured grips that provide a personalized touch for the user.

“Since 1849, Stiletto® has been the leader in the premium hand tool industry,” said Brandon Miller, VP of Product Marketing for Stiletto. “With the introduction of our new TRIMBONE™ Titanium Hammer and accessories, Stiletto is redefining expectations and equipping professional finish carpenters and remodelers with a lighter-weight titanium hammer that has highly specialized features designed specifically for the finish carpenter.”

The TRIMBONE™ Titanium Hammer is designed to hit like steel, built with all-titanium construction to minimize harmful recoil shock and provide users with maximum productivity. The hammer weighs 45% less than a standard steel hammer and reduces harmful recoil shock vibrations. Equipped with a compact D-face, the hammer can fit in tight spaces, and the trim claw is best suited for pulling a wide range of nails and prying trim and molding. Located on the side of the hammer is a 180° nail puller ideal for easily pulling carpentry nail sizes from 2D to 16D (1-inch to 3-1/2 inch).

Replaceable coloured grips and steel faces are designed to extend the life of the hammer while also allowing remodelers and finish carpenters to personalize their hammer. Available in five different colours and easy to install and remove, the grips hold up to the needs of the job, prolonging the life of the hammer. The non-marring mallet caps come in hard (White) and soft (Black), allowing users to alternate between hammer and mallet and strike without damage. A redesigned magnetic nail set enables users to set nails in hard-to-reach places without risking fallout.

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