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STANLEY launches new FatMax fast snap knife

MISSISSAUGA, ON – January 31, 2022 – Get a consistently quick blade snap with this FATMAX® 18 mm Snap-Off Knife with Wheel Lock, which features a built-in mechanism designed to allow for simpler and safer operation.

STANLEY launches new FatMax fast snap knife

No need to use secondary tools to break and remove the snap-off blade – simply line up the blade with the indicator line, lift up on the top button to snap it, and continue cutting with a fresh sharp edge. For convenience, the Snap-Off Knife securely retains the blade once it’s snapped with an integrated magnet.


  • DESIGNED FOR EASE OF USE AND SECURITY: Blade-snapping mechanism for quick, easy blade snap with integrated magnet
  • LONG-TERM BLADE SHARPNESS and no-hassle replacement with onboard snap line indicator that helps align the blade knife for clean blade snap
  • PRO-GRADE DEPTH CONTROL with wheel lock for seamless, intuitive blade depth setting
  • BUILT FOR SAFETY with magnetic blade loading
  • SUITED FOR REPETITIVE CUTTING APPLICATIONS: Rugged bi-material coating handle for comfortable grip and utility
  • HIGH-LEVEL STRENGTH AND DURABILITY: Manufactured from hard-wearing stainless steel for high-endurance and long life

These products are available for purchase in stores and online at The Home Depot. For more information about availability and pricing, please visit or the direct link to the product at:


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